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Teaching Excellence Framework Boosts Employability

Oct 09, 2019 PM EDT Teaching excellence is giving employability a boost, helping students find the industry where they belong.

Focus on employabiltiy

Focus on Employability Boosts Universities' Success in the Teaching Excellence Framework

Oct 09, 2019 AM EDT Universities' Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) grades - designed to help students choose where to study - are being boosted for the institutions that highlight employability post-university and ...


NYU Scholar Makes Recommendations to End Disparities in Stem for English Learners

Oct 08, 2019 PM EDT Although non-native English speaking students are just as capable as their peers of learning subject matter in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, they face additional ...

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality may be the Most Effective Next Generation Learning Platform for Health Professionals

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT The simulated experience may have been created for entertainment, but new studies show it may help foster learning in the health profession.


Teamwork Reward Leads To Better Learning Among Children

Oct 05, 2019 PM EDT A new study shows that teachers who give rewards to teams than to individual learners can expect better results.


University of Arkansas Project Makes a difference for Low-income Youth with Disabilities

Aug 16, 2019 AM EDT A new report finds that Arkansas PROMISE has succeeded at improving education and career outcomes for participants.

Mathematicians of TU Dresden develop new statistical indicator

Mathematicians of TU Dresden Develop New Statistical Indicator

Aug 12, 2019 AM EDT Most of us know this phenomenon only too well: as soon as it is hot outside, you get an appetite for cooling ice cream. But would you have thought that mathematics could be involved?

Study Shows We Like Our Math Like We Like Our Art: Beautiful

Study Shows We Like Our Math Like We Like Our Art: Beautiful

Aug 12, 2019 AM EDT New Haven, Conn. -- A beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful piano sonata -- art and music are almost exclusively described in terms of aesthetics, but what about math? Beyond useful or brilliant, ...

Professor Rosalba Hernandez (IMAGE)

Optimistic People Sleep Better, Longer, Study Finds

Aug 08, 2019 AM EDT CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- People who are the most optimistic tend to be better sleepers, a study of young and middle-aged adults found.

Strategies To Ignite Intrinsic Motivation In Students

Strategies To Ignite Intrinsic Motivation In Students

Jul 29, 2019 PM EDT It's been a long time since learning specialists, and business mentors have accepted gamification - to improve understudy/worker commitment, try different things with new motivation methods and open ...

University Research

University Researchers Find WhatsApp Can Be Good for our Health

Jun 28, 2019 PM EDT Academics at Edge Hill University have found that spending time on social media, specifically WhatsApp, is good for our wellbeing.


Heart-Healthy Effects of Soy Consistent Over Time, University of Toronto Meta-Study Finds

Jun 28, 2019 AM EDT Researchers at the University of Toronto have found a consistent cholesterol-lowering effect for soy protein, with pooled data from dozens of clinical trials that span the last two decades.

Methane Hydrates (IMAGE)

UT Study Shows How to Produce Natural Gas While Storing Carbon Dioxide

Jun 27, 2019 PM EDT New research at The University of Texas at Austin shows that injecting air and carbon dioxide into methane ice deposits buried beneath the Gulf of Mexico could unlock vast natural gas energy resources ...

University of Guelph

Earth's Heavy Metals Result of Supernova Explosion, University of Guelph Research Reveals

Jun 14, 2019 PM EDT In a finding that may overthrow our understanding of where Earth's heavy elements such as gold and platinum come from, new research by a University of Guelph physicist suggests that most of them were ...

Mona Lisa's Smile (IMAGE)

Was Mona Lisa's Smile a Lie?

Jun 05, 2019 PM EDT CINCINNATI--Mona Lisa's smile has intrigued mankind since famed artist Leonardo da Vinci painted the portrait in the early 16th century. A research team that includes a University of Cincinnati (UC) ...

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