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Spray Painting Techniques For Students

Spray Painting Techniques For School Projects

Dec 20, 2019 AM EST Spray painting is very useful in many ways. It is easy to learn and a very effective and efficient choice at the same time. You can use it either on your personal project or professional projects. ...

thank you

Mental Health: Gratitude Mindfulness Can Help Rewire Your Brain

Dec 19, 2019 AM EST Neuroscientists have discovered that you're going to be happier and healthier if you really mean it when you say “Thank You”.


United States Ranks Low on Education Among 71 Countries, Experts Blame Government Spending

Dec 18, 2019 AM EST After ranking countries based on their academic and health standards, the study found that as of 2016, the US ranked 27th in the world.

milky way

New Discoveries in the Milky Way Galaxy May Rewrite the History of the Universe

Dec 18, 2019 AM EST Astronomers observing the Milky Way defied previous beliefs that it was in an almost constant state of star formation. The study, published Monday in Nature Astronomy, collected the new images through ...

Collaborating Team

Knowledge-sharing: a how-to guide

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST Psychologists from the University of Göttingen reveal the secrets of successful interdisciplinary collaboration

Child Genius

Five Ways to Boost Your Child's IQ and Academic Excellence

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST There are ways in which you and your children can increase the Intelligence Quotient. There is no age to boost your IQ, but the best is considered to be during the formative years of a child.


Forget-Me-Not: Music Can Help Bring Back Memories in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST Your brain part, which is responsible for ASMR, catalogs music and seems to be a stronghold against Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is fair to say that music affects people in particular ways.


Archaeologists ‘Puzzled’ by 2,000-year-old Items Found in Pompeii Basement

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST After uncovering 2,000-year-old finds in a basement in the ancient Roman town of Pompeii, archaeologists were still left puzzled.


A New Era of Readership: How Literature and Publishing Changed in the 21st Century

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST People search for beautiful books when they set up their digital devices and readers are discovering new ways into understanding literary texts.


Genetic Engineering Jobs for Gene Editing and Cell Therapy will Increase until 2026

Dec 17, 2019 AM EST Genetic engineers were ranked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as one of its top 20 fastest growing work sectors.


Trivia: The Real History of How the Dollar Symbol Came to Being

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST Spanish coinage is the most widely accepted theory. As historians tell us, it has often been shortened to the initial' P' with a 'S' hovering in superscript next to it.


Hot Job: Blockchain Developers in the US Earn Up to $158,000 Annually

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST Blockchain developers now face heavy demand according to online job search engine

Green Building

New Job Sector for ‘Green Building’ Construction is On the Rise

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST The growing demand for green buildings is likely to result in entirely new employment. An eco-friendly construction boom is creating a massive potential job sector.

Can a loan help you pay for books?

Can a loan help you pay for books?

Dec 12, 2019 AM EST Navigating the financial aspects of attending a university can be challenging. To secure tuition, room, and board, you and your family will find yourself exploring the world of scholarships, student ...


Gender Gap Study Reveals Boys Best Girls in the Field of Mathematics

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST The gender gap continues to be stubbornly constant in math-related subjects. Much fewer women choose to pursue potentially lucrative careers in math.

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