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What is a Polymath and Why Are They So Talented and Intellectually Versatile?

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST The concept of "Polymath" is a new topic of discussion. You need some form of formal acclaim to be a true Polymath. The polymath not only moves between different spheres of knowledge and disciplines. ...


Research Finds Out How Noise or Total Silence Affects Working and Studying

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST While your personality and your brain's circuitry may have an effect, it mostly seems to affect the degree to which noise disturbs you. Most studies have found that everyone is better at completing ...

Child in a hallway

Schools Less Important Than Parents in Determining Higher Education Aspirations

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST A new study shows that the elementary school a child attends has almost no influence on their desire to progress to higher education.

Barriers to Recognizing Depression

2/3 of Parents Cite Barriers in Recognizing Youth Depression

Nov 18, 2019 AM EST Teens and preteens are no strangers to depression: 1 in 4 parents say their child knows a peer with depression; 1 in 10 say a child's peer has committed suicide.

playing driums

Smart People May Learn Music Faster

Nov 15, 2019 AM EST Intelligence could play a role, according to a Michigan State University study that investigated the early stages of learning to play piano.

child reading

Here's How You Help Kids Crack The Reading Code

Nov 15, 2019 AM EST Learning about letter sounds turns out to be key.

This still image is from a prototype of the game

Research to Make (fun) Multi-player Gaming an Educational Experience

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST A new video game framework brings together two well-studied approaches to educational software in order to keep multiple players engrossed in the learning experience while fostering collaboration and ...

matt damon

Hottest Hollywood Celebrities With Genius-Level IQ Scores

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST An IQ score above 130 is considered exceptional or at the genius level. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, for example, has an IQ of 160. Here are the top 10 'brainiest' and hottest Hollywood ...

data work

Most Popular American Universities That Offer Master's Degree in Data Science and Business Analytics

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST Almost all industries have data associated with them, small to large-scale transactions, economic to weather patterns. So we have compiled a list of schools and universities that offer a master's ...

book sale

Top 5 of Amazon 2019 Black Friday's Amazing Book Deals

Nov 12, 2019 AM EST Amazon is taking an extra $5 off 'Print Book' purchases of $20 or more with a coupon code. This is a rare Amazon discount promotion that is expiring soon and is usually offered during Prime Day and ...

gudin archaeology

Napoleonic General's Remains Found In Russia, DNA Test Confirms

Nov 08, 2019 AM EST French archaeologists officially confirmed that the one-legged skeleton found under a dance floor in western Russia belonged to Charles-Etienne Gudin, Napoleon's favorite general.

building with clock tower

Rich Resources of Private Schools Give Pupils Educational Advantage

Nov 06, 2019 AM EST First known current performance gap study shows


EduSense: Like a FitBit For Your Teaching Skills

Nov 06, 2019 AM EST CMU researchers develop comprehensive classroom sensing system

How to Study English and Succeed in Any Class

How to Study English and Succeed in Any Class

Nov 02, 2019 PM EDT When it comes to taking English courses, there are things to know if you want to succeed. Click here to learn how to study English.

women falling in line

Schools Have Critical Role to Play in Supporting Adolescents Fleeing Armed Conflict

Oct 28, 2019 AM EDT Communities in high-income countries around the world continue to receive record-setting numbers of newcomers fleeing armed conflict.

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