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Earth's Heavy Metals Result of Supernova Explosion, University of Guelph Research Reveals

Jun 14, 2019 PM EDT In a finding that may overthrow our understanding of where Earth's heavy elements such as gold and platinum come from, new research by a University of Guelph physicist suggests that most of them were ...

Was Mona Lisa's Smile a Lie?

Jun 05, 2019 PM EDT CINCINNATI--Mona Lisa's smile has intrigued mankind since famed artist Leonardo da Vinci painted the portrait in the early 16th century. A research team that includes a University of Cincinnati (UC) ...

Schools that are Socially Connected have Similar Educational Outcomes

Jun 05, 2019 PM EDT Ivan Smirnov, a researcher from the Higher School of Economics, analyzed the data of 36,951 students from 590 schools of Saint Petersburg and found that there is a strong correlation between the ...

Ancient Feces Reveal Parasites in 8,000-year-old Village of Çatalhöyük

May 31, 2019 AM EDT New research published today in the journal Antiquity reveals that ancient feces from the prehistoric village of Çatalhöyük have provided the earliest archaeological evidence for intestinal ...

7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in University

May 28, 2019 PM EDT 7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in University

Do you Hear what I Hear?

May 27, 2019 PM EDT NEW YORK, NY (May 24, 2019)--A new study by Columbia University researchers found that infants at high risk for autism were less attuned to differences in speech patterns than low-risk infants. The ...

The Top 25 Medical Lab Tests Around the World

May 22, 2019 AM EDT A recent study can help governments understand which diagnostic laboratory tests are most important when developing universal health coverage systems.

Clinical Trial at IU School of Medicine Improves Treatment of Genetic Rickets

May 18, 2019 AM EDT A new study shows a drug developed in conjunction with investigators at Indiana University School of Medicine to alleviate symptoms of a rare musculoskeletal condition is significantly more effective ...

Low-cost Intervention Boosts Undergraduate Interest in Computer Science

May 06, 2019 PM EDT A recent study finds that an online intervention taking less than 30 minutes significantly increased interest in computer science for both male and female undergraduate students. However, when it ...

Da Vinci's Hand Impairment Caused by Nerve Damage, Not Stroke, Suggests New Study

May 04, 2019 AM EDT A fainting episode causing traumatic nerve damage affecting his right hand could be why Leonardo da Vinci's painting skills were hampered in his late career. While the impairment affected his ability ...

Surrey Academics Weigh into the Debate on Daylight Saving Time and School Start Time

Apr 27, 2019 AM EDT A switch to permanent daylight saving time will undo any positive effects on sleep of delaying school start times, according to researchers from the University of Surrey.

One year of school comes with an IQ bump, meta-analysis shows

Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT A new study concludes that education can boost results in intelligence test scores and has long-lasting effects.

New Report Predicts Shift in Education System to Keep Up with Future Job Market

Jun 16, 2018 AM EDT A new report lists down changes needed in the education system so students will be ready to the evolving global economy.

Want To Learn Open Source Development, Git, and Linux? The Linux Foundation is Offering a New Course for Developers

Jun 08, 2018 AM EDT Course designed to help developers with expertise in other operating systems to gain more Linux, Git and general open source knowledge and experience

Best College Reviews Names 10 Best Master's in Biomedical Engineering Programs Online

May 31, 2018 AM EDT Planning to pursue a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering? Here are some of the best online programs you need to consider.

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