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Can a loan help you pay for books?

Can a loan help you pay for books?

Dec 12, 2019 AM EST Navigating the financial aspects of attending a university can be challenging. To secure tuition, room, and board, you and your family will find yourself exploring the world of scholarships, student ...


Gender Gap Study Reveals Boys Best Girls in the Field of Mathematics

Dec 13, 2019 AM EST The gender gap continues to be stubbornly constant in math-related subjects. Much fewer women choose to pursue potentially lucrative careers in math.


16-year-old Genius Has IQ Score Higher than Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einstein

Dec 12, 2019 AM EST In his IQ test, a young student, Ramarni Wilfred scored 162 – higher than genius physicist Stephen Hawking, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, and legendary scientist Albert Einstein.

James Maxwell

19th Century Scientist James Clerk Maxwell Helps New Scientists Discover Peculiar Light Waves

Dec 10, 2019 AM EST Researchers have discovered a previously unknown type of light wave based on the pioneering work of a Scottish scientist from the 19th century.

English Language

Shin Receives Funding to Strengthen English-language Education in Uzbekistan

Dec 09, 2019 AM EST Joan Kang Shin, Associate Professor, APTDIE, TCLDEL, CIE, College of Education and Human Development, received $575,444 from the U.S. Department of State for a project aimed at strengthening English ...

Man Deep in Thought

Controlling Attention with Brain Waves

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Study shows that people can boost attention by manipulating their own alpha brain waves


Sussex University Student Wins Award for Inventing Biodegradable Plastic Made from Fish Waste

Dec 05, 2019 AM EST Lucy Hughes, a student at Sussex University, has been announced as the winner of the international James Dyson Award this year for inventing a bioplastic from fish waste.

Ancient Greek Statues and Their True Meanings

4 Ancient Greek Statues and The True Meaning Behind Each One of Them

Dec 04, 2019 AM EST Ancient Greek Statues and Their True Meanings. Greek statues, original or replica, can be found anywhere in the world. But do you even know the story behind it? ...

In the Age of the Internet, Everyone should know the Idea of Big data and Data Monetization

In the Age of the Internet, Everyone Should Know the Idea of Big Data and Data Monetization

Dec 04, 2019 AM EST Converting the large unstructured or semi-structured volume of enterprise data into valuable insights to generate economic value to the business industry is the key to gaining value for the ...

Queen Elizabeth I

Researcher Recently Discovers 16th Century Manuscript Belonging to Queen Elizabeth I

Dec 02, 2019 AM EST A UK academic investigator reported that he uncovered a mysterious manuscript written in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I - the first discovery of its kind in more than a century.

george washington

George Washington: Looking Back at How He Declared Thanksgiving Day and His Precious Items For Sale

Dec 02, 2019 AM EST President George Washington signed a proclamation calling for a National Day of Thanksgiving in October 1789, years before Americans made it into a national holiday.

What is media literacy, and why is it important?

What is Media Literacy and Why is it Important?

Nov 29, 2019 AM EST Media influences everything in our lives these days, but how much do we really know about it? Are we really media literate in this era of media prevalence?


Techniques on How to Finish Reading Books in Half the Time

Nov 28, 2019 AM EST However quick you are as a reader, you might have wished you could read even faster at some point in your life. You would often say, "so many books, yet so little time."

pen or laptop

Laptop or Pen-and-Paper? Research Suggests Better Note-Taking Method for Students

Nov 28, 2019 AM EST Many students go to lectures with a laptop, but there are times when using a notepad and a pen is better.

medical students

More Medical Students Are Telling Their Schools About Disabilities, and Getting a Response

Nov 28, 2019 AM EST Increased disability diversity and accommodation among future physicians could improve patient care, researchers say

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