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Learning Institutions Worldwide Launch eSports Degree Programs


With the continuous evolution of the digital world, various industries have been introduced to our society. Things that were initially considered as a form of entertainment have become pillars of different professions. One of the most notable technological industries that were distinguished to have developed into something of significant importance is the eSports industry.

Admittedly, eSports wasn't a program widely accepted by parents and instructors alike; however, the growth of the gaming industry is undeniable, raking in billions of dollars in recent years. In fact, a statistical study shown in Investopedia showed that the industry is expected to hit the mark of $138 billion in 2018. This astonishing development eventually prompted numerous colleges and universities to incorporate an eSports program in their curriculum.

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Introduction of Varsity Programs in Learning Institutions

Initially, colleges and universities only offered Varsity eSports Programs. North America was the first one to make a move with 7 colleges in the area opening up the said program back in 2016. This number gradually increased, as 56 more institutions decided to open the program within two years. As a result, an estimate of 63 colleges and universities are now offering Varsity Esports programs openly and participating in Esports tournaments actively.

Countries with Colleges and Universities Offering eSports Degree Courses

As luck may have it, the Varsity Programs version became a successful venture that a few colleges and universities decided to offer eSports Degree Programs. Currently, the University of Staffordshire is leading this revolution by launching both Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs for eSports in 2018. The institution is expected to expand the program in London this year.

A few schools in the UK seem to be following suit as institutions like the Chichester University has made arrangements to offer a gaming Degree Program. In Asia, courses related to eSports are now being offered in China and Singapore as well. It is to be expected that the number of learning institutions to offer the degree program will increase parallel to the growth of the industry. So, it safe to assume that more and more colleges and universities will be open to the concept of teaching this program in the coming years.

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The Effects of Launching eSports Degree Programs in the Industry Itself

Despite the positive feedback that this brand new version of the gaming industry is gaining, there are still misconceptions about it. While it is true that it revolves around video gaming and the like, there is actually more to it than just playing virtual or online games.

In fact, some of the institutions offering this course gives importance to strategies, techniques, and skills that are required to operate matters involving the industry.

"If you were to go and study to be a director of football you're not playing football, you're learning the business behind how (player) transfers work, how you run a stadium and all those kind of operational things," as stated by Matt Huxley, a lecturer at Staffordshire University's Digital Institute London, in an interview with CBS News

Although we are yet to see how this development can affect the gaming industry entirely, it is clear that the merging of the educational and gaming industry will be revolutionary.

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