Baylor University President Ken Starr Too Focused on Football to Handle Reports of Sexual Assault?

May 26, 2016 AM EDT Baylor University President Ken Starr has kept mum about reports of sexual assault in the campus but worries well enough for football, according to reports.

Jesuit Loyola University Chicago proclaims first female and nonordained president

May 25, 2016 PM EDT A Jesuit university in Chicago has appointed Jo Ann Rooney to be its first nonordained president. Loyola University Chicago which has existed since 1870 choose the 55-year-old female lawyer to be its ...

University of Oregon Fraternity Trashes Lake Shasta; Officials Apologize and Investigates Incident

May 25, 2016 AM EDT A frat party presumably by college students of the University of Oregon left Lake Shasta littered with vast amounts of garbage.

University of Cincinnati President Reveals Depression, Suicide and Mental Illness Struggles at Fundraiser Event

May 24, 2016 AM EDT University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono revealed his struggle with mental illness including depression and suicide during a fundraiser speech.

Seattle Pacific University Bomb Threat Cleared; Mysterious Phone Call Source of Tip

May 23, 2016 AM EDT Seattle Pacific University received a bomb threat tip through phone and a lockdown was issued.

Princeton University: Psychology Professor Publishes Career 'CV of Failures' To Encourage Perseverance

May 20, 2016 AM EDT A Princeton University professor shared on social media his "CV of failures" to encourage perseverance among those who are struggling with their careers.

Zika Virus News: UC San Diego Teams Up with IBM World Communty Grid Scientist to Find Zika Treatment

May 20, 2016 AM EDT University of California San Diego joined the IBM-sponsored World Community Grid to find Zika virus treatment.

George Mason University Plans To Name Law School After Antonin Scalia [VIDEO]

May 19, 2016 AM EDT George Mason University is poised to rename its laws school to Antonin Scalia Law School in honor of the recently deceased Supreme Court justice.

French 42 Coding School to Open Free Campus at Silicon Valley [VIDEO]

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Those who want to learn programming at Silicon Valley may learn for free at the French non-profit coding school 42.

Stanford University: Breeding Ground For Young Startup Millionaires; Top 5 Notable Alumni

May 17, 2016 AM EDT Stanford University has been ranked as one of the top Ivy League schools in the US and has produced some notable alumni in Hollywood, technology and more.

Arizona State University Professor, Debra Schwartz, Discovered Dead By Oak Creek Canyon

May 13, 2016 AM EDT The corpse of missing Arizona State University, Deb Schwartz, was seen by Oak Creek Canyon earlier on Sunday morning. This incident was reported by Coconino County Sheriff's office announced. ...

University of California Supports Financial Aid, More Protection For Student Athletes

May 12, 2016 AM EDT The panel at University of California approved a decision that will bring financial aid and more protection for their student athletes.

College Applicants With Criminal Records Should Be Allowed To Pursue Higher Education: US Education Department

May 11, 2016 AM EDT The US Department of Education wants to help college applicants with criminal records to be able to pursue higher education in America's colleges and universities better.

Tufts University Bomb Threat: Institution Resumes Exams; Incident Related To Mass Firing Of Janitors? [VIDEO]

May 10, 2016 AM EDT Tufts University resumes some of their scheduled exams in the wake of bomb threat and car fire in the campus.

University Students Use Cheap Drug Testing Kits To See Whether Or Not The Illegal Substances They Are Taking Are Harmful Or Not

May 09, 2016 PM EDT University students are given the opportunities to use less costing kits to find out the ingredients of the drug they are taking have. As reported by The Daily Mail UK, these kits also test if the ...

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