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Alleged Lenient Court Treatment to UI Rapist: Prosecutor Finally Speaks! [VIDEO]


Media and large civil rights-related communities frenzy over dropped charges for the accused Indiana University student rapist, John Enochs.

Pressured, the prosecutor finally speaks up and talks his side of the case on why he could not prosecute the alleged rapist.

With an air of exquisite nonchalance and dignity, Bob Miller, the county prosecutor, states that there is not enough evidence to send the 22-year old Enochs to jail, the NBC reported.

The denizens were also quick to relate Brock Turner, another alleged rapist from Stanford, on his unsubstantiated 6-month lenient jail time under the headlined California judge, Aaron Persky.

Miller responded to this with a casual irk and rebutted by resurfacing hard-core proofs on why he's far from comparison to Persky.

At the moment, Miller on his statement continues to argue on the validity of the two complaints, saying that these should automatically become unaccounted for since both complainants were under the same influence on alcohol everyone was during the party that night.

Defending his side of the issue, he states that even if he insisted that the complaints be take in, from which he succeeded, no solid evidence could still win against Enochs in the court. This, according to him, proved to be the most frustrating part in the case.

According to the strong legal points raised by Monroe, the assigned chief deputy, the prosecutor's action of taking the plea bargain instead was actually an indirect means of protecting the women accusers from impeccably contradicting their end in the future.

Suppose the women remain grounded by saying that they were "too intoxicated to consent", the counter-reality that they were conscious of the "histrionics" surrounding the campus rape- raised by defendant's lawyer (Katharine Liell), and that they were also confident in engaging with the accused over a drink, still cannot be denied, the NBC again reported.

But howsoever Miller's statement turned out, the two complainants were yet firm in their decision in suing Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the Indiana University, the People Magazine reported.

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