University Ups Cyber Protection Programs: Unwanted Hacking of Passwords accounted for


After almost 1,500 passwords and accounts of certain people were hacked in the University of Cambridge, the Information and Publication department in the university swore to tighten up the university's cyber security wall to the fullest.

Just today, the University of Cambridge users of the "Cambridge Schools Classics Project" are instantaneously going berserk due to an unprecedented hacking incident involving their precious email addresses, passwords and accounts, the Inquirer reported.

A spokesman from the university confirms that certain passwords of names registered in the "Cambridge Schools Classics Project" have been accessed illegally and are temporarily converted to "cleartext" state by the cyber security system for protection.

The spokesperson also affirms that the university is currently dealing with the database crisis in the system with all its resources, the Inquirer added.

Planning immediate response actions to the crisis, the university urges the account holders to put their identities to the light and confirm their hacked accounts as this proves to be the very first step in mitigating possible complicated outcomes.

By all means, the university is seeking all available alternatives from the best IT representatives in the UK in a hope that stolen passwords might still be retrieved, International Business Times reported.

Undoubtedly falling into the exact state the Calgary University had recently experienced, the Information and Publication Department in the university are setting their eyes on possible cyber-security codes that could enhance the firewall performance in the university's cyber system and thus avoid paying costly ransoms to the criminals in the future.

With the delight of the university's IT department, necessary re-configurations are being made in the university's cyber core, International Business Times again reported.

As per report today, the university receives a complete list of complaints filed by the 1,500 hacking victims. This in turn confirms their cases and eventually puts them in the hot-list from which the IT investigators will be fully focusing on throughout the whole action.

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