PennState’s ‘Brainwave Mapping’: Yielded High Results In Students’ Performances?


Following the famous brainwave mapping experimentation conducted by famous professors Zalaquett and Chatters in Pennsylvania State University in June 2016, general improvements among students are said to be have already been showing up, councilors noted!

Solely intended to fight the rampant cases of bullying in many schools, particularly in the primary and elementary years, the EEG machines were made into customary laboratory tools in the Pennsylvania State University, the PennState News reported.

After academic observances revealed strong potentials of controlling cases of bullying by training victims to respond well to the situation, the program's wheels were eventually set into motion.

Right then and there, massive improvements were recorded. The professors responsible for the experiment are even halfway to their intended conclusion, with the report of finding scheduled not until next year, when positive results already started pouring in.

The students' responses to the study were said to have exceeded expectations.

Most performances were not directly attributed to bullying since bullying is not an existing phenomenon in the university and most students rather display mathematical tendencies in the brain.

But this is in anyway a weighted scale, since concentration skills by the brain help individual react properly to potential oppressions in the future, bullying or harassment included, Edutopia reported.

All of these are said to be made possible by Zalaquett and Chatters' proposition for brainwave mapping using the EEG technology.

Meanwhile, the knowledge on brainwave mapping had long been ignited by a particular study in the U.S. proving that brainwaves can be sent by electrical fields, the Science Alert reported.

Immediately compounded by a report of the Journal of Neuroscience, the link between brainwave mapping and neural health empowerment had since been bridged.

Furthermore, the concepts of epilepsy, memory, healthy physiology and neurologically-inclined phenomenon are given light adjacent to brainwave mapping, the Science Alert again reported.

By all means, the PennState University was right all along in making such a bold move.

Had the technology for brainwave mapping arrived the soonest; many more lives from students and even career-driven individuals may have been saved in the past. 

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