IU Student Accused Of Rape: Sentenced One Day Imprisonment And One Year Probation


Former student frat boy in Indiana University accused of rape but was only convicted with a Class-A misdemeanor resulting to one day of imprisonment and one year probation.

Jonh P. Enochs, was accused of raping two women: one allegedly raped in September 2015 and the other in 2013. Enochs, 22, was a member of Delta Tau Delta.  John Enochs was from Downers Grove, Illinois.

The 22-year-olod John enochs was accused of two rapes but he denies it and the charges were dropped. Instead of two counts of felony rape, John Enochs was only charges with battery with minor physical injury or Class-A misdemeanor. The former frat student from Indiana University was sentenced to one year probation and was only put behind bars for one day after accepted a plea deal, Mail Online reported.

In April, an affidavit allegedly occurred saying that a woman was raped by Enochs. The woman reportedly attended Delta Tau Delta's house party where Enochs also attended. The woman, according to the affidavit, was drinking with friends when she went out to find a bathroom. The woman fell unconscious and she said that the next thing she remembered was her being in a private room and was being sexually attacked by an unknown man. She allegedly tried to push the man off and said 'no' but the man held her down. Eventually, she escaped and hid in a bathroom until she was found by her friends.

The authorities recovered a security footage showing John Enochs entering the room about 24 minutes before the unnamed woman left the room. Medical officers tested the woman with a rape test kit and found Enochs' DNA in her genitalia. Also, There were lacerations in the woman's genitalia which proved Enochs guilty, Fox 59 reported.

The police found similar case of rape from 2013. The victim agreed to help the authorities and John Enochs was later arrested based on the DNA evidence, the footage and statements from witnesses.

Twitter users reacted in Enochs case and said that this was just like Brock Turner's case. Turner was also found guilty of rape but was only sentenced six month in jail .


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