‘Nursing Robots’ Breakthrough at Famous Aichi University: Health Aid at its Finest!

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Health aid reaches the peak of its quality through the latest "Nursing Care Robot Project" at the Fujita Health University in Toyoake, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Part of the 2014 signing between the university and the selected nursing care institutes in Japan, the project takes its first major leap today.

Partnering the university project is the Toyota Motor Corporation from which half of the resources are taken from.

Apparently, the project was intended to address the "super-aging" society in the country, Japan Times reported.  

In the farther side of the news, there has been a reported shortage of nurses in many parts of the country since besides currently having the highest life expectancy in the world; it also holds a very slim medical workforce and a frustrating 1.2 births per woman, Standford stated.

Thus, in an already-deteriorating population with passing ages over 65, there is not much to expect with the country's human resources quantity, let alone quality.

The Fujita Health University in Toyoake has taken part in many technological projects in the industry.

It eventually started with its housing complex in 1971 from which it was able to attract about 4, 500 residents to close deals with it.

Unfortunately, the promising residing population in the housing complex has dropped in labor expectation standard since 26.2 % of its mass are already beyond 65 years of age, the Japan Times again reported.

In this line, professors, medical workers and researches in the university thought that it should be necessary for them to provide health aids for the elderly residents who lack the internal support from families whatsoever.

What the robots are be expected to perform is to physically assist the elderlies in moving around in the home and doing basic routines.

Hopefully, with the help of Toyota and Moritoh Corp. the "Nursing Care Robot Project" will have been realized by the fall 2017.

By that time, a few elderlies will be notified for a showroom experiment with the very first few robots.

For the meantime, larger-than-life corporations are currently on negotiations with the Fujita Health University, plugging what the country had so been longing for and working out ever since as "technology at its finest", the Japan News reported. 

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