Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Individual Behind Racist Video Identified!


The Chicago-area man behind an anonymous video that sparked racial violence at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale is not connected to the campus, according to authorities.

Immediately after the video was posted on YouTube in April, it fueled racial turmoil until the popular video-sharing website finally removed it citing the university leader's aversion of the video.

Detectives of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Department of Public Safety, in coordination with the Jackson County State's Attorney's Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have tracked and identified the man behind the aforementioned video that encouraged racial uproar on the campus, according to a news release from the SIU Carbondale.

The video that was posted around the end of the spring semester went viral on social media, but it was eventually ousted following a request from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The identified individual, a Chicago-based, 19-year-old while male confessed making the video as a mere prank. He is neither associated with the university nor with any other groups or organizations involved in semester-end protests. Moreover, investigators have not found any evidence that hint involvement of fraternity purportedly connected in the making of the video.

Evidence connected to the distribution and production of the video that advocated racial violence, led the investigators to the individual. Jackson County State's Attorney Mike Carr, to whom the case was referred to has refused to prosecute stating that the video could be cited as protected speech.

Interim SIU Chancellor Brad Colwell noted in the news release that he was glad that comprehensive investigative work done by SIU Department of Public Safety finally resulted in tracking down the man behind the video.

Colwell added that the individual, who is in not connected to the university in any way, made this video causing chaos and triggering fear on the university campus. While affirming the university's decision not to file charges, Colwell pointed out that identifying the individual responsible for the viral video is indeed a crucial step forward, TheSouthernIllinoisan reported.

The Department of Public Safety continues to seek support from community in a bid to resolve one more end-of-semester episode connected to vandalism and spoilage of state property throughout Faner Hall on campus.

While quite a few suspects have been questioned, investigators are seeking help of the community to identify additional suspects on the basis of video evidence.

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