Bandai Namco & From Software Make Their One Last Gift For 'Dark Souls 3' Fans Before The Ringed City DLC

Mar 16, 2017 PM EDT Bandai Namco and From Software are making their final gift for the Dark Souls fans, two Dark Souls 3 PvP arena. DLC pricing and availability also revealed.

Sasuke – the Long-Awaited PS4 4.5 Update Arrives Tomorrow with Boost Mode

Mar 09, 2017 AM EST Sasuke is coming and it’s not headed towards Konoha. The long awaited Sasuke update will finally head its way to PlayStation 4 tomorrow and owners of the console can hardly wait. The update is ...

PlayStation Vue Latest News & Update: PS4 Owners Get To Watch Up To Three Channels Simultaneously

Mar 07, 2017 PM EST Sony adds a new twist, adding a multi-view feature for the PlayStation Vue allowing users to keep better track of their favorite shows.

ITV Hub App Comes to Microsoft Xbox One, But Will Be Late On Sony PS4

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST Xbox One Finally Gets ITV Hub Catchup App.

PS4 Console Exclusives Schedule: Over 30 Exclusive Titles Slated For 2017 Release Date; Glacier White PS4 Slim Ships To Europe, Japan [LIST]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST More than 30 console exclusives are coming to PS4 this 2017 and we filter down these truckload of titles in one complete list. Plus details about PS4 Slim’s new while variant. Get details inside.

Ubisoft Running 'For Honor' Closed Beta By The End Of January; New Trailer Unveils Details About Elimination Mode [VIDEO]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Ubisoft has recently announced that it will be running a "For Honor" Closed Beta testing by the end of this month, which will also reward players who have registered to access.

'Tales Of Berseria' PS4 & PC Demo Released By Bandai Namco; Day-One Release Reveals Game Using Denuvo DRM [VIDEO]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently released a "Tales of Berseria" PS4 and PC demo to fans all over ahead of its release outside of Japan this January.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' News: BioWare Announces Game Won't Have A Season Pass; Early Trial On Origin Access Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST As the upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" approaches its release date on March, fans have been asking whether BioWare will be releasing a Season Pass for the Game.

PS Live Events App To Be Cancelled Starting On Jan. 10; PlayStaton 4 Sells 6.2 Million Units During The Holidays [VIDEO]

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced to the owners of their current-gen consoles PS3 and PlayStation 4 that they are discontinuing the PS Live Events App.

'Portal 3' News: Top 5 Reasons Fans Want A Third Installment; 'Portal 2' Played On PS4 Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Fans have voiced out some of the top reasons why Valve should consider making a "Portal 3" game sometime in the near future.

‘Detroit: Become Human’ Confirmed for PS4; Latest News, Release Date, Trailer [Video]

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST “Detroit: Become Human” is an exclusive game being developed for the Sony PS4. The game by Quantic Dream features several playable characters that play along with an interwoven narrative.

'Watch Dogs 2' Best Tips & Tricks For Beginners Detailed [VIDEO]

Dec 31, 2016 AM EST For new players who have just recently picked up the game "Watch Dogs 2" by Ubisoft need not worry as sources have taken time to list down some essential tips and tricks for beginners.

'Assassin's Creed' Reportedly Coming To Nintendo Switch; 2 Reasons To Choose Switch Over PS4

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST Reputable websites have been talking about "Assassin's Creed" rumor - stating that it will likely be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

'Nights Of Azure 2' News: Arnice Makes Cameo Appearance In Latest Trailer; Developers Discuss Delayed Release Date [VIDEO]

Dec 28, 2016 AM EST The updated trailer for the upcoming game "Nights of Azure 2" reveals to fans a more refined gameplay and the cameo appearance of Arnice.

'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Post-Holiday Sale On PS4, Xbox One & PC; Collector's Edition Detailed! [VIDEO]

Dec 28, 2016 AM EST The highly acclaimed action role-playing stealth video game "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is on sale now for all three platforms.

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