Ubisoft Running 'For Honor' Closed Beta By The End Of January; New Trailer Unveils Details About Elimination Mode [VIDEO]


Fans of the highly-acclaimed French multinational video game publisher, Ubisoft, will be thrilled to know that they have announced the latest development of their upcoming online hack and slash video game. These same fans ought to stay tuned as the highly-anticipated "For Honor" was said to be entering a Closed Beta testing this end of the month. In addition, more details were revealed about the game since the release of a new trailer, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Ubisoft has announced the "For Honor" closed beta testing today, Polygon noted. It was stated therein that the closed multiplayer beta will be running from Jan. 26 to 29, which would allow players to try out hack and slash game they've been waiting for.

Furthermore, it seems that Ubisoft's take on the "For Honor" closed beta testing will be unlike most other that were timed console exclusive since the publisher did not specify any times for fans to try out the game on all three major platforms, such as the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

As such, fans interested in taking up Ubisofts's "For Honor" closed beta testing can sign up for an access via their official website. This in turn will give them the opportunity to try out the 'War of the Factions,' an aspect of the game where players will choose a certain tribe to play as. These factions will include the following: the Knights, the Samurai, and the Vkikings.

There's more to Ubisoft's "For Honor" closed beta testing than what fans would normally expect since it was also mentioned that the game will be tracking and monitoring all the multiplayer activities across all platforms. Hence, the winning faction will then receive some in-game rewards on top of the rewards that will be given out to everyone who registered and tried out the closed beta multiplayer testing.

In other news, fans can check out the new trailer that was released by Ubisoft for its upcoming "For Honor" game, PC Gamer reported. It was stated therein that fans can expect an Elimination mode in the game where players ought to be wary of the no-respawn battles. As such, players will have to make sure that their opponents are truly donw, else they can be revived by their teammates.

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