Bandai Namco & From Software Make Their One Last Gift For 'Dark Souls 3' Fans Before The Ringed City DLC


Get Ready "Dark Souls 3" fans, the world is getting closer to the much-awaited launch of the game's last DLC expansion. Game publisher Bandai Namco and developer From Software are now getting ready for their last big battle and their final moment. It's the official launch date of The Ringed City DLC this coming March 28. But before that big event, Bandai Namco will be giving two new important gifts for Dark Souls fans.

As mentioned earlier by the Bandai Namco on the recent Twitch livestream, two new PvP arenas and matchmaking options are being added for those Dark Souls fans who bought either the Ashes of Ariandel DLC or the much-talked The Ringed City expansion. All PvP maps will be made available for those players who own either add-on, according to the game publisher. 

The newly added PvP maps consist of the Dragon Ruins, which themed after Archdragon Peak area in the "Dark Souls 3" main game, and the Grand Roof, which based on the top of the Lothric Castle. Both PvP maps are set to go live on March 24, just four days before the big The Ringed City DLC launches. "Dark Souls 3" players will go to need either the Ashes of Ariandel DLC or a Season Pass to access those two new PvP maps for the first four days of its release. Check out the Youtube videos below to get more about these two new PvP maps.

Additionally, Bandai Namco and developer From Software are also adding a fan-requested feature that will allow Dark Souls player to team up with friends. That upcoming feature will be called Undead Match and it will be made available on March 28 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Undead Match feature will only make available for those who own The Ringed City DLC expansion, which has the same release date.

As mentioned earlier by the gaming-focused website SegmentNext, the game's The Ringed City DLC will be focusing on the player traveling to the city of Londor. The City of Londor is known to be the home of the Sable Church and the game's various characters, which include Yoel of Londor and Yuria. Both Yoel and Yuria are a member of the Sable Church. In addition to Yoel and Yuria, Sister Friede, the main antagonist of Ashes of Ariandel DLC, is also from the City of Londor and she's not related to Yuria.

Since this is likely the last salvo from Bandai Namco and From Software, the crowd could expect something new and big in the upcoming The Ringed City DLC expansion. It might be the hardest part or the most challenging of the Dark Souls game series. But one thing is for sure here, players will get what they're looking for. 

Thankfully, Bandai Namco has also confirmed plans to add an even better multiplayer addition this coming March 28. In the new multiplayer option, Dark Souls players will now be able to stay on the same team in PvP while fighting random strangers, the publisher said. But if Dark Souls fans get frustrated or bored with the game's story, they can always pop into the new Dark Souls 3 PvP arenas to test their nerve against other Dark Souls players

As for the DLC pricing and availability, The Ringed City DLC expansion will be made available to standalone purchase for just $14.99. Dark Souls fans can also get it through the game's Season Pass for just $24.99.

And then, there's another big one, the Dark Souls 'The Fire Fades' (Game of the Year Edition) along with both DLC expansions (The Ringed City and Ashes of Ariandel) will also be made available this coming April 21.

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