‘Detroit: Become Human’ Confirmed for PS4; Latest News, Release Date, Trailer [Video]


"Detroit: Become Human" is an exclusive game being developed for the Sony PS4. The game by Quantic Dream features several playable characters that play along with an interwoven narrative.

Trusted Reviews reported that there is still no official word from Sony when "Detroit: Become Human" will be exactly released. However, the game is already slated for 2017 on the PS4. It would also be safe to assume that support for the PS4 Pro would also be available being a first party exclusive.

The third person adventure game played in the perspective of multiple characters will explore the game's narrative based on the player's choices and actions presenting a different outcome depending on the decisions the player makes. The difference from past Quantic games is that players can gather clues within the game environment to help the player in deciding their next plan of action.

"Detroit: Become Human" is based on a 2012 demo called "KARA," according to Den of Geek. The plot revolves around an android that desires to live as a human. The report states that "Detroit" is the continuation of this story right after Kara leaves the factory and sets foot in the real world.

"Detroit: Become Human" will likewise tackle themes on artificial intelligence as well as answering questions whether machines should be given rights as well as should they be kept in servitude. Two characters have been confirmed so far, aside from Kara, there would be a cybernetically advanced police officer, Connor, who tracks down rogue androids who have deviated from their programming, thus, posing a threat to humans.

Connor is an advanced prototype that is cold, analytical; thinks fast with advanced surprising features. The determined android will go to great lengths to accomplish the missions he was programmed for in "Detroit: Become Human.".

A three-minute trailer release is presented below for "Detroit: Become Human."

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