PS Live Events App To Be Cancelled Starting On Jan. 10; PlayStaton 4 Sells 6.2 Million Units During The Holidays [VIDEO]


With today's technology, most people are able to stream live events from different platforms and electronic devices. Such is the case with Sony's PS Live Events app, which was sadly reported to be canceled this week. Despite the feature getting trimmed off on the company's current-gen consoles, it seemed that the PlayStation 4 was able to sell over 6 million units during the holidays, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Sony's PS Live Events App is getting axed this week, PlayStation Lifestyle noted. It was stated therein that the company has disseminated this information via an email to all of its PlayStation owners in the North American region.

The announcement informed PS3 and PlayStation 4 owners that the PS Live Events App will no longer be supported on the said consoles. More specifically, the live streaming application will be discontinued on Jan. 10 this week.

The email contained a statement from the company telling console owners that starting on Jan. 10, they can purchase the latest Live Events straight from the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 4. However, it won't be the same for PS3 owners since they won't be having an alternative once the cancellation of the PS Live Events App starts.

In other news, it seems that the PlayStation 4 has done wonders during the holidays at was able to sell 6.2 million units, CNBC reported. As such, the total global sales of the acclaimed console amounted to 53.4 million units ever since it was launched three years ago.

The source also pulled out some figures that indicated a 9 percent gain in sales from the 5.7 million units sold around a year ago, which was calculated between Nov. 20 until Jan. 1. Moreover, it was also mentioned that the software sales during the Yuletides season reached more than 50 million copies all over on both digital and physical sales.

With the apparent success of PlayStation 4 as of late, the global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House said that they aim to keep and sustain the momentum they've had for this year.

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