'Portal 3' News: Top 5 Reasons Fans Want A Third Installment; 'Portal 2' Played On PS4 Detailed! [VIDEO]


Since the second installment has left fans and avid gamers alike deeply enthralled with the franchise, most of them have been craving for a "Portal 3" game since. Moreover, the rumor mills surrounding the game have only added fuel to the fire and these same fans have voiced out some of the reasons why Valve ought to consider making a third installment. In other news, sources have shown that the "Portal 2" game can be played on the current-gen console, such as the PS4.

It was previously reported that the numerous speculations revolving around a possible "Portal 3" has suggested that the game will be released in 2018 and would even be playable in VR, University Herald reported. However this was debunked as well when a representative from Valve has pointed out that these rumors are false.

But this has not stopped fans from giving out their own reasons on why Valve should seriously consider making a "Portal 3" game, Digital Spy has learned. The first reason fans want another installment of the game is that the ending of the sequel has left fans with a massive cliffhanger.

The source pointed out the fact that the ending to "Portal 2" has left fans with numerous questions, which should be addressed with another game in the franchise, namely a "Portal 3" game. Next on their list of reasons would be that the HTC VIVE trailer or demo (which featured the iconic character from the franchise) was too much for fans to handle.

Other reasons that propelled fans to wanting a "Portal 3" game are the following: the HTC VIVE would benefit from adding the franchise to their list of games, Valve was seen filing a trademark for the third installment years ago, and that "Portal 3" might be released as one big game with "Half-Life 3."

For now, fans just enjoy the "Portal 2" game that was reported to be playable with the PS4, Kotaku AU learned. It was stated therein that hackers were able to launch and boot up Steam using the PS4 and was able to play and demo the game "Portal 2."

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