'Watch Dogs 2' Best Tips & Tricks For Beginners Detailed [VIDEO]


For fans and avid gamers alike who missed out on "Watch Dogs 2" when it was debuted back in mid-November, and are just picking up the game need not worry as sources have listed down some of the essential tips and tricks that beginners should be aware of.

Fans who are unaware of the varying game style approaches that are available to them in "Watch Dogs 2," are encouraged to be more stealthy in the game, Kotaku noted. This tip and trick was said to give a more rewarding experience for players, old and new alike, if they opt to approach scenarios in a more concealed manner.

That being said, the source has also suggested, as part of the above-mentioned "Watch Dogs" tips and tricks, that players should try to take out the guards through nonlethal means. The character's stun gun is one way of taking out the guards, which would eventually spice-up the game since these same unconscious guards can wake up after a period of time.

As a follow up to this, it was also pointed out that players should be wary of the number of "Z's" atop the sleeping guards. It was said that this "Watch Dogs 2" trick was influenced by "Metal Gear Solid's" own "count the Z's." As such, when the number of "Z's" drop from three to one, a tip would be is for players to stun the guards again to refill the "Z's" again.

However, it was also mentioned as part of "Watch Dogs 2's" tips and tricks that players should also know what type of playstlye would match the situation, VG24/7 has learned. It said that players can choose to be as an Aggressor, which is more combat focused, a Ghost (which is another way of saying stealth oriented), or as a Trickster, who was said to be able to manipulate the environment to complete certain tasks.

As an added tip for beginners in "Watch Dogs 2", players should also focus on unlocking certain specialized tools and skills that will enhance the three different styles. With all these said, fans picking up the game for the first time should be able to get good sense of what the game will offer in terms of play style.

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