Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2: The Most Controversial Laptop with Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back to 2018 [VIDEO]

Jan 12, 2017 PM EST The silence of Microsoft over the long rumored Surface Book 2 is deafening. After the release of Surface Book i7, the speculations immediately stopped. However, for the year 2017, another rumor ...

Microsoft Surface Book 2: News, Release Date, Other Reports [Video]

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST Though still subject to figments of imaginations of Surface Book followers, the Surface Book 2 is one that can be considered a stiff competition for Apple in terms of premium laptop devices.

Microsoft Surface Book 2: Specs Include Kabylake Chipset that Supports Better Graphics, Features Higher Resolution for 2017 Release Date? [VIDEO]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST The most talked about notebook of the Windows-maker company is rumored to hit the store shelves in 2017 and will be powered by Intel Kabylake chipset for better graphics and higher resolution. Read ...

Microsoft Surface Update: Surface Pro 5, Surface Phone 2016, Surface Books Could Come Next Year, Will The Surface Devices Finally Get Better?

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST Microsoft Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 Release Date, Specs, Features, News & Update: Devices Arriving to Together February 2017.

Surface Book 2 Release Date, Update: 3 Discrete Features can Make It Better than MacBook Pro 2016

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST Surface Book 2 hasn't been released yet but the updates on its specs should give consumers a clue on what to expect. with the upcoming hybrid device from Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Redesigned Release Date: New Features Will Be Added; Addresses the Issue on Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge? [VIDEO]

Nov 09, 2016 AM EST Rumors suggest that Microsoft is heading towards a late 2017 launching date of the upcoming Surface Book 2 because of the assumed features redesigned. Microsoft has reportedly revamped the physical ...

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is Already Released as Hybrid Surface Book i7? [RUMORS]

Nov 05, 2016 AM EDT Since the long-rumored Surface Book 2 is a no-show during the Microsoft October event, wild guess has led to the conclusion that the Surface Book i7 represents the said laptop. Since the newly ...

Microsoft Surface Dial Also Works with Surface Book, Surface Pro; Apple is Planning to Copy the Device for iPad? [VIDEO]

Oct 28, 2016 PM EDT Microsoft Surface Dial is a new addition to the growing family of the windows-maker Surface line-up. Now that the new device appeals good to the public, reports suggesting that Apple is eyeing to copy ...

Microsoft Rumors: Surface Book 2 Release Before Christmas, Solution to MacBook Pro 2016 Supply Shortage? [VIDEO]

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT It’s not October 26th yet so fans are still hoping to see the Surface Book 2 to be introduced in the upcoming Microsoft event and hit the store shelves just before Christmas. Aside from that, ...

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Features Are Very Impressive! [VIDEO]

Oct 22, 2016 PM EDT Hybrid devices are currently on trend, probably because it offers more interesting features. Tech Giant Microsoft has started developing their own version of their device in 2015, through the ...

Microsoft Surface Book 2 October Release Unlikely, Not Until Redstone 2 Update; Surface Book 2 To Step On Imminent MacBook Pro 2016? [VIDEO]

Oct 19, 2016 AM EDT Microsoft Surface Book 2 is rumored to release this October. However, reports suggest that it is unlikely to release immediately due to the unavailability of one of its features.

Surface Book 2 Specs, Rumor: The Dynamic Hinge, The Power and The Release Date [VIDEO]

Oct 17, 2016 AM EDT The highly-anticipated Surface Book 2 is said to offer a set of appetizing specifications. Here's the roundup on specs and release date!

Surface Book 2 Release Date: Sources Say No-Show at Microsoft October Event - Expect Surface Book Alternative Instead [RUMOR]

Sep 27, 2016 PM EDT As much as the Surface Book fans want to hear about the beloved successor, Microsoft is highly unlikely to reveal any Surface devices in its October hardware event.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Rumors, Specs: Launch Pushed Back to 2017 for Technical Reason?

Jun 20, 2016 AM EDT Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date is said to be delayed and could probably be pushed back to 2017 due to some technical reasons.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, New Specs Revealed!

May 14, 2016 AM EDT A slew of exciting devices are slated to debut within the year, but among the more notable ones is Microsoft's apparent trump card, the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

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