Microsoft’s Surface Book Two-In- One Form Proves Apple’s Theory Wrong

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Microsoft is currently reaping the success of its Surface product. The Windows Company may have proven wrong Apple CEO Tim Cook when he said that hybrid computers would not work.

Apple Does Not Believe in Hybrid Computers?

Four years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly stated that hybrid computers would not work because it would not function as intended. He also compared the two-in-one device as trying to combine a toaster with a refrigerator and will not satisfy the user anyway, according to Cnet.

Microsoft Surface Proves Hybrid Computers Work

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is currently basking at the success of the Surface hybrid device. He gently reminded Cook's earlier view on hybrid computers. Apple may also be regretting that remark since its now claiming that the iPad Pro is actually computer and no longer a tablet.

Surface Phone On The Works?

Nadella was in Australia when he gave an interview on a variety of topics. The AFR asked him about rumors that Microsoft is planning to launch a new smartphone line using the Surface brand. The Windows CEO replied that any upcoming phone will have a substantial impact to its potential users. That impact, however, would focus more on the usage rather than the actual phone itself. On 2015, Microsoft had written down its $7.6 billion acquisition of Nokia smartphones manufacturer as a loss.

Microsoft Going To The Clouds

Microsoft is also investing heavily in cloud computing. Nadella showcased the capabilities of its FPGA chips currently being used by Azure. The Windows CEO also claimed that Azure is probably the "first Artificial Intelligence supercomputer" right now. Ignite Conference attendees witness how the supercomputer translated Wikipedia's entire English content to a different language in less than a second. Nadella also believed that other cloud service competitors like AWS, IBM and Google are nowhere near Microsoft level of cloud expertise yet.

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