Microsoft Surface Book 2: News, Release Date, Other Reports [Video]


Though still subject to figments of imaginations of Surface Book followers, the Surface Book 2 is one that can be considered a stiff competition for Apple in terms of premium laptop devices.

The Surface Book

The last Surface Book has not changed much from its previous iteration except for the top of the line models. The Intel Core i7 processor is the same, same screen size, same resolution, same Surface Pen feature, exact same port configuration, and of course, the same characteristic of turning the laptop into a tablet in a snap.

The only internal difference was its Graphics processor, which was leveled up to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M with a 2GB GDDR5 memory, plus battery life was reportedly extended to provide enough juice for an estimated 16 hours, according to The Verge. Unfortunately, as per the report, the battery died down earlier in their rundown test, in tablet form it conked out at around two hours while in laptop mode, it ran up to 10 hours and 21 minutes.

The Surface Book 2

According to TechRadar, the first iteration of the Surface Book, though it came with impressive specs did not arrive without a few hiccups. One complaint is its "Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge" and the gap it forms when the unit is closed. As mentioned above, it has a short battery life when running in tablet form. Probably, the biggest gripe is its high price for the top-end models.

With talks going around, it only means people are still interested in a Surface Book 2 and many are fabricating leaks to maybe egg Microsoft on. One would want a unit that has specs that could trump a MacBook Pro 2016.

It should sport a better graphics processor that can beat MacBook's AMD Radeon Pro 450. Another feature worth looking into is the extended battery life of the Surface Book 2 both in its laptop form and most especially in its tablet form, which has a dismal battery life. It could probably raise better attention too if it would also sport 4K display and incorporate Intel's new Kaby Lake chips to complete the ensemble.

It would surely be an interesting wait should Microsoft finally launch the much-anticipated Surface Book 2 together with another device, the Surface Pro 5 in 2017.

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