Microsoft Surface Dial Also Works with Surface Book, Surface Pro; Apple is Planning to Copy the Device for iPad? [VIDEO]


Microsoft Surface Dial is a new addition to the growing family of the windows-maker Surface line-up. Now that the new device appeals good to the public, reports suggests that Apple is eyeing to copy the said device for their new iPad Pro products.

Microsoft Surface Dial for Surface Pro and Book

Microsoft Oct. 26 event has just concluded and it left everyone in awe. most especially when the new device called Surface Dial introduced to the public alongside the all-in-one Surface PC. According to Engadget, Surface Dial is not only intended for Surface Studio as it also works with Surface tablet and laptop.

The Surface Dial is compatible with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The firmware update for the devices will be release early next year, and for that reason, it is expected for the Surface tablet and laptops to work like a Surface Studio.

There are many things that the Surface Dial can do, and all these things are valuable contributions towards attaining more convenient life on the user's end. As an integral part of the business-centric Surface family, Surface Dial also supports Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and others, according to Microsoft.

Furthermore, Surface Dial will enable the user to adjust the volume of the music playing in the background while working. Without touching the keyboard and mouse, Surface Dial will also enable the user to scroll down various news and articles as well as browsing through the Windows maps. Surface Dial also supports the Surface Pen which can be use directly on the screen.

Apple's Plan to Copy Surface Dial

Surface Dial features sound appealing and it is likely for Apple to copy the said device to work with their upcoming iPad Pro devices. However, this claim is not supported with any facts and rumors for that matter. However, Microsoft is encouraging their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners to copy the Surface Dial controller for as long as it works well with the Windows 10 supported devices, Digital Trends reported. 

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