Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Rumors, Leaks: Simultaneous Release Possible Next Year With Surface Pro 5?

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Many were expecting that Surface Book 2 is going to be released on Oct. 26 but it didn't happen. During the event, Surface Book i7 was released together with the latest update on Microsoft's operating system, Windows 10.

Surface Book 2 Delayed Release Date

There had been some assumptions that since Surface Book i7 was released this year, it is possible that the release date for Surface Book 2 is going to be push back. It makes sense -  at least on the business side - as it is quite impossible for any tech company to release two products at the same time, especially if they are quite similar to each other.

This could be true, especially when the sales and positive feedback from Surface Book i7 remain stable and uptrend, Tech Radar reported. Releasing the Surface Book i7 was a good move as it did satisfy Microsoft's loyal users who are eagerly awaiting the release of Surface Book 2.

Surface i7 boasts a 16-hour battery life with a graphic performance three times greater than Macbook Pro. Tech Insider revealed that it beats most of the competitor out there when it comes to features. Given these specifications, users are expecting more from Surface Book 2.

Surface Book 2 Powerful Processor

The delay of Surface Book 2's release is possibly worth the wait. There are rumors that if the Surface Book i7 is running on Intel Core i7, the Surface Book 2 is going to use an even faster processor. If that's true, then it can significantly improve the overall performance by at least 100 percent.

Aside from the powerful processor, there are a number of features that users can expect in Surface Book 2 such as a Surface Pen and a 4K resolution 3D display.

The Release Date

After the unexpected release of Surface i7, experts are now speculating that Surface Book 2 is going to be released next year together with Surface Pro 5. Official announcement are yet to be made on the exact date of the release, but one thing is for sure - users are expecting greater specs and features from Microsoft Surface Book 2.

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