Microsoft Surface Update: Surface Pro 5, Surface Phone 2016, Surface Books Could Come Next Year, Will The Surface Devices Finally Get Better?


It's no doubt, software giant Microsoft is one of the most popular tech brands in the market today. The Redmond-based tech company has been known in the tech circle for delivering premium and world-class devices to millions of consumers across the globe. With this, consumers have been more excited for the next releases or updated products under the company's helm, which include Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Microsoft Surface Phone 2016, and the Microsoft Surface Book2.

Surface Pro 5
The hybrid device's absence this year is pretty undeniable. It predecessor, the Surface pro 4 is still undeniably competitive in the market and it also pretty hard for the company to make a follow-up for it. Rumors are rife on the web that will make an up-to-date tablet by next year.

Reports said that the Surface Pro 5 will have an incredible spec sheet, which will include the same RAM capacity as the Surface Phone and similar AMOLED 4K technology. The device will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake chipsets, which means that it still be more powerful that its competitions. The Surface Pen is also expected to get the update, making it more immersive and interactive experience. The Surface Pen is said to get rechargeable batteries that can charge wirelessly when attached to the Surface Pro 5. A 4K screen is also a big possibility along with an upgraded USB Type-C ports.

Surface Phone 2016
According to the latest rumor mill, the device will have some high-end specs, which includes an AMOLED quad-HD or 4K display, an Intel Kaby Lake processor, a new fingerprint sensor technology, and a spacious 4GB of RAM.

Reports said that the device will also have the hallmark Continuum feature, this make the new Surface phone center on productivity and efficiency. A new or improved dual lens camera setup is also a much-anticipated addition.

In a recent interview with Australian Financial Review, CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft will continue to create powerful smartphone and will be a major player in the smartphone industry. In that event, Nadella has also triggered rumor mill when it mentioned that Microsoft is planning a new line of smartphones under the Surface brand for launch in 2017.

Surface Book 2
The Microsoft Surface Book has remained highly competitive in the market today despite having not received many changes upgrades this year. However, the rumored Microsoft Surface Book 2 would be different. As what the source said, the device will have a more improved hardware in the same premium build.

Based on the rumors that currently swirling around the web, the next-gen Surface Book 2 could have 4K resolution, an Intel Kaby Lake processor, and an improved battery life.

All of these Surface devices have been rumored to be arriving together by next year.

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