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International Students With Disabilities Can Realize Their Potential by Choosing The Right School

Jan 25, 2017 AM EST International students with disabilities can select the right school for them. The school must have an efficient program for the support of disabled students.

Financial Aid for Students Extended; Students Enjoy Reduced Contribution

Jan 20, 2017 PM EST The Spring term brought increased financial aid to students while their contribution was decreased. Financial assistance was extended to foreign students as well.

Top 5 U.S. Colleges For International Students

Jan 18, 2017 AM EST Here are the top 5 universities across the United States for international students

10 Countries That Have More Students Studying In The US

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST Around five percent of the whole college population in the United States are made up of foreign students. Find out the top 10 countries who has more students studying in the US.

Record Breaking For U.S. Colleges:Enrollment From Abroad Doubles

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST International students are doubled in number at U.S. Colleges thus, setting an all-time high record increase of overseas students in American educational facilities.

Community Colleges Offer More Support To International Students

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT More international students are enrolling at community colleges.

Florida Institute of Technology: Ranked Number One, Most International University With The Highest Population Of Foreign Students

Jul 30, 2016 AM EDT They respect and allow their students to exercise and share their culture and lifestyle, reason why Florida Institute of Technology ranked number one as the most international university.

Australian Students Chose Domestic Universities Over US Universities Despite No Difference In The Associated Costs!

Jun 29, 2016 AM EDT Applying to universities in the United States is not a walk in the park as there are arrays of processes international students need to first understand and navigate.

Mody University Invites US-Based Students As Education Reforms Take Place Under PM Modi's Plans!

Jun 28, 2016 AM EDT Mody University, a notable private women's university situated in Laxmangarh in the state of Rajasthan, India will pave the way for Indian American students starting this fall.

English Language Programme For Japanese Students Help Them Prepare For Studies In The United States!

Jun 25, 2016 AM EDT In a bid to equip Japanese students for study at U.S. universities, ELS Educational Services, a top-notch English language instructor for foreign students, has revealed its plan to debut its own ...

International Students Recruitment Agencies Help 1/3 Of Universities To Recruit Foreign Students!

Jun 11, 2016 AM EDT Over the last three years, international student recruitment process in the United States has undergone a major overhaul, with merely one-third of US-based universities now collaborating directly with ...

Foreign Students In US Universities Tend To Cheat More As Compared To Their Domestic Classmate!

Jun 07, 2016 AM EDT Aside from big tuition payments and new outlook, foreign students are bringing something more to college campuses in the United States; cheating.

Tulane Law School's LLM Program Ranks Among The Best For Foreign Attorneys!

May 31, 2016 PM EDT Looks like Tulane Law School is on a roll. International Jurist magazine rated Tulane Law School's LLM program as one of the top nine LLM programs for career opportunity and among the top 11 for ...

New York University Tops Count Of International Students In The U.S.

May 06, 2016 AM EDT New York University leads the pack of five schools with most international students, all of them having more than 10,000.

Top 10 Least Expensive Private American Colleges

Sep 21, 2013 AM EDT Tuition and fees at private colleges and universities across the country range from $1,070 to nearly $50,000 for 2013-2014 academic year.

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