Top Foreign Countries That Send More Students To The U.S.


It is highly evident how higher education is increasingly becoming a global endeavor and American colleges and universities are welcoming more international students than ever before. In fact, according to The Atlantic, a 2015 report states that nearly 1 million international students were educated in the United States, and they come here with the means to pay and spend for college in full.

The number of these foreign students just keeps on surging year by year. However, due to President Donald Trump's recent executive order that bans students from seven Muslim countries from entering the US, it could pose a significant implication on the enrollment in US schools.

The influx of international students is vital for US universities and colleges and these foreign students now make up 5.2 percent of all the college students in the country.

Here are some of the countries that send the most number of students to US colleges and universities according to Business Insider.


China is the country with the highest population in the world with over 1.4 billion people. More than 300,000 Chinese students went to college in the United States.


India is the second largest country when it comes to population with around 1.3 billion people. 165,918 for their students went to America for college.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, with a population of about 29 million, has sent more than 61,000 of their students to the United States.

South Korea

South Korea has a population of close to 50 million and 61,007 of their students went to the states for college.


Canada is just a neighbor to the United States, which is why it wasn't very far from home for their 26,973 to attend a US college.


Vietnam's population is close to 90 million and 21,403 students went to study in America.

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