Canadian Universities and Colleges Welcome International Students [Video]


Canadian universities and colleges welcome international students to their doors as they headed north from the US. The massive exit of international students was the result of travel ban imposed on foreign nationals staying in the US.

The directive banned foreign nationals from seven Muslim countries namely Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. The ban lasted for 90 days after which a new law was promulgated. Under the new executive order, there are still six countries listed. These are Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Students from the countries listed felt that their studies and life in the US are uncertain. Many of these students decided to leave the United States, according to Market Watch.

It ended up that what US lost became Canada's gain as thousands of international students decided to study in another country. The website of the University of Toronto was flooded with calls inquiring how to enroll. In the US, parents and students attended an event of the University of Toronto that was held in New York. Canada welcomed students from the six countries included in Trump's list as it considers diversity a good thing.

International students from the US are not the only ones coming to Canada. Brexit had been finalized and those enrolled in UK are also looking for an excellent school.

Some changes have been recently made on immigration policies of Canada, making it easy for international students to get a visa and stay in the country to study. After Trump issued the travel ban, the president of Canada made a statement in social media. It was a message telling international students that they would always be welcome in Canada, according to the Washington Post.

Aside from accepting international students, those affected by the travel ban were not asked to pay for application fee. In addition, there transcript of record would be considered. This means that they would be enrolled even without their transcript of records yet.

To these students, Canada offered a new opportunity and they realized US colleges and universities are not the only schools in the world.

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