Financial Aid for Students Extended; Students Enjoy Reduced Contribution [Video]


Financial aid for college students with dire monetary needs increased for the spring term 2017. This was announced by several universities in the US as the spring term was about to start.

While the financial aid package increased, the amount that students must contribute decreased. This year, their contribution amounted to only $1,700. This reduced the burden of paying their share in their school fees. The government believes that this is one way of making education available for everyone.

In Yale, the financial aid package included $2,000 start up fund for freshmen students whose parents earn $65,000 a year. The amount was intended for winter clothes and other important needs of students. Freshmen received annual stipend of $600. This will be given for three consecutive years until the junior year of the students, according to according to Yale Daily News.

Aside from students with US citizenship, financial assistance was given to foreign students as well. In fact, a stipend of $1,500 will be extended to foreign students who will spend their holiday in their home country. This will cover food and other expenses while they are on vacation.

Meanwhile, students in California Central University lined up early in the morning for their financial aid. The school announced that students must pay 20 percent of their fees before the deadline. Those who cannot pay will have their enrollment cancelled, according to the Daily Californian.

The University of Chicago provided financial aid to international students as well. However, they should apply for it before they enroll as freshmen. Otherwise, they will be disqualified in the next years. The school officials advised them decide right away to get financial aid or not, according to the College Admission.

The financial aid will allow students from low income families to have quality education. They will be able to go to Yale and other top universities. They will be able to focus on their studies because they do not have to worry about their finances.

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