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New Trump Travel Ban To Be Implemented, Students Continue To Protest


The Trump travel ban issue continues and President Donald Trump has decided that he is going to implement a brand new order that would void his first executive order and end all court proceedings associated with it.

The United States president insists that his Trump travel ban is based on solid legal grounds and is adamant that he is going to win the battle. The new initiative would suspend only refugee admissions and the issuance of new visas. In hoping for a speedier result, Trump's brand new executive order would allow passage for those with granted visas or refugee status.

In addition to the Trump travel ban against refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, Donald Trump also issued the indefinite suspension of the admission of Syrian refugees. Trump expresses that he does not want to allow anyone in the country who wants to do harm, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

The Trump travel ban has already affected multiple universities and colleges as their international students and faculty could not enter the country. Because of this, institutions are organizing legal assistance groups to get them through the barriers.

As the issue continues, students continue to protest the Trump travel ban. The media recently covered the high school students who skipped classes in order to protest, as reported by Free Beacon. It is unclear how the brand new Trump travel ban will go. But the filing of the brand new executive order will happen on Monday and the administration is already writing it up.

After the three judges disagreed that Trump had no authority to issue the travel ban, NBC news asks if he will encounter challenges with the new order, Donald Trump says there will be very little.

Here is the latest on the Trump travel ban remaining on hold:

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