‘LEGO Batman’ Movie 2017: Robin Attacks Batman In New Promo; ‘LEGO Batman’ Takes A Spot In Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 List [TRAILER]

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST We are just a month away from the release of “LEGO Batman” Movie and a new trailer drop another reason why it deserves a spot in 2017’s Most Anticipated Movie List. Check out why Robin seemed to ...

‘Batman: The Telltate Series’ Season 2 Release Date, Storyline Breakdown: New Joker Returns To Gotham; Plus More Returning Character Plots Revealed [SPOILERS]

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST If “Batman: The Telltale Series” Season 1 did awesome twists in its game storyline, Season 2 is up to continue Batman’s original tier. Joker is reportedly coming back as the main villain based ...

New Batman Video Game Will Feature Damian Wayne; WB Montreal Rumored To Have Penguin As Next Villain [VIDEO]

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST WB Games Montreal was reported to have cancelled its "Suicide Squad" game and focuses its efforts in making a new Batman video game that would feature Damian Wayne.

‘Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5’ Set for Release Before Christmas

Dec 02, 2016 PM EST Batman fans have more reasons to celebrate this season as Telltale Games announced that “Batman: The Telltale Series” Episode 5 will be released before Christmas.

Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 4: Released Trailer Offers A Close Look To A New Joker [Video]

Nov 18, 2016 AM EST Telltale Games has just released the first official trailer for the upcoming fourth installment in the Batman game series. The released trailer gives fans the chance to step into the feet of both the ...

'The Lego Batman' Movie Trailer Released; Batman Hates Clothes? [VIDEO]

Nov 08, 2016 PM EST "The Lego Batman" movie has been teased since March of this year. It is a spin-off film from the 2014 film entitled "The LEGO Movie". Apparently, the latest trailer highlights some details regarding ...

Batman ‘Telltale Series Episode 3’ Releases New World Order Trailer [VIDEO]

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT There are good and bad news for the Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3. The trailer was already released, wherein it bears the title "New World Order." One notorious villain is expected to come in ...

Suicide Squad’ Sets to Debut on Digital HD and Blu-Ray at November [VIDEO]

Oct 09, 2016 AM EDT DC Comics and Warner Bros. will be releasing the extended version of the hit movie, "Suicide Squad," on Digital HD and Blu-Ray DVD.

'Justice League' News & Update: Ben Affleck on Batman’s New Tactical Suit

Oct 05, 2016 AM EDT Ben Affleck in an interview with Mario Lopez said Batman in Justice League will use two costumes

'Batman: Return to Arkham' Gameplay Spoilers: PS4 Version Features Sleeker, Darker Batman Costume In HD; Oct. 18 Is Official Release Date [PS3 Vs. PS4 VIDEO HERE]

Sep 11, 2016 AM EDT “Batman: Return to Arkham” PS4 scene from the Arkham Asylum captured the Dark Knight with a clearer, more detailed and darker color than the PS3 version of “Batman: Return to Arkham.” Looking ...

'Batman' News: Joe Manganiello has been cast as 'Deathstroke; Manganiello send out tweet to confirm it. [VIDEO]

Sep 09, 2016 AM EDT After a rumor-filled week, fans' fantasy casting finally came true. Actor Joe Manganiello has been cast for the role of Deathstroke, with a resounding confirmation from Geoff Johns ...

'Justice League' News & Rumors: Ben Affleck Tweets-Out 'Deathstroke' Footage [VIDEO]

Aug 30, 2016 AM EDT Ben Affleck reveals "Deathstroke" footage. Fans are now speculating which movie Deathstroke will show up in.

'Gotham' Season 3 Spoilers: New Poison Ivy Image Released While 'Gotham City Sirens' Is Possible [VIDEO]

Aug 19, 2016 AM EDT Claire Foley has been replaced by Maggie Geha for the role of "Poison Ivy." The "Gotham Sirens" could possibly be included in the future episodes of "Gotham" season 3.

'Wonder Woman' News & Rumors: Director Patti Jenkins Denies Claims That 'Wonder Woman' is 'a mess' [VIDEO]

Aug 16, 2016 PM EDT An open letter was made public by an anonymous former "Warner Bros." employee. The letter claims that the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film is "a mess," but director "Patti Jenkins" begs to differ.

Jared Leto: The Joker Should Team Up With Batman

Aug 08, 2016 PM EDT Jared Leto played the role of The Joker in DC's all-villain film, "Suicide Squad". A fan question was asked about who he wants to team up with next, and Jared Leto's answer was a bit unexpected.

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