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Sega Games Soundtracks Playing On Spotify [VIDEO]


If the day is not turning out the way you wanted it to, then listen to tracks that were in classic Sega games. This is possible because Sega recently added popular songs from its Sega game soundtrack to its Spotify channel. At first, it would be hard to believe that Sega has a Youtube channel but their list of songs will make you happy that they do.

According to Tech Crunch, the list of classic Sega games in the soundtrack include "Virtual Fighter," "Jet Set Radio," "Golden Axe," "NiGHTS," "Fantasy Zone," "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Space Harrier." If those are the games that will showcase their familiar tunes in the Sega game soundtrack, then gamers will certainly recognize the tunes. There are also a few others that players will probably not recognize but they will certainly remember it when it plays on Spotify.

According to The Next Web, there are no less than a dozen full soundtracks to choose from. Gamers have singled out "Out Run" and "Jet Set Radio" having the best soundtracks among the games that are included in the Sega game soundtrack. Each player obviously has his own opinion as to which game title has the best soundtrack and it really depends on his choice of music.

It was hard to find a video that contains the best 30 Sega Mega drive soundtrack but there is. The list includes familiar beats from games we have grown up to love including games that is based on comic book characters. Examples of those songs are Kurt Harland's "Climbing The Temple" from "X-Men 2: The Clone Wars", Jasper Kyd's "Gotham by Night" in "Adventures of Batman & Robin" and Naoki Kodaka's "Gotham City Streets" in "Batman."

Check out the full list in this informative video that includes gameplay from games that are included in the Sega game soundtrack:

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