‘LEGO Batman’ Movie 2017: Robin Attacks Batman In New Promo; ‘LEGO Batman’ Takes A Spot In Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 List [TRAILER]


"LEGO Batman" is nothing but a good combination of comic humor and action. In "LEGO Batman's" latest trailer, Batman is shown trying to avoid Robin's attack when in fact the boy is only trying to give Batman a big old hug. This father-son-like relationship between Batman and Robin makes this LEGO flick a comic relief from serious films.

"LEGO Batman" casts are led by Batman and Robin where Bruce Wayne, who will be played by Will Arnett (GameSpot), is in his typically awkward seriousness. Robin, played by Michael Cera, gets the comic task which makes their duo very appealing. They will be joined by a roster of characters including the ever-loyal butler Alfred voiced by Ralph Fiennes, according to Slash Film. Gotham City police commissioner Barbara Gordon is also back on the "Batman" flick.

In addition, Batgirl is back in Gotham through Rosario Dawson's voice. "LEGO Batman" would not be complete without the harrowing presence of The Joker. Batman's arch nemesis will be played by Zach Galifianakis with Jenny Slate as the clown prince's sidekick Harley Quinn. Billy Dee Williams and Mariah Carey join the ensemble as Two-Face and Mariah Carey, respectively. More familiar voices are coming in "LEGO Batman" but Warner Bros. Pictures is making sure that they come as surprise for the fans so no further details are revealed yet.

"LEGO Batman" is the spin-off the 2014 Batman movie and is directed by Chris McKay. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are coming back as producers for the film. "LEGO Batman" is showing on Feb 10, 2017, while reports say that an upcoming sequel is already underway which could be release on 2019.

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