New Batman Video Game Will Feature Damian Wayne; WB Montreal Rumored To Have Penguin As Next Villain [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike who are familiar with the works of WB Games Montreal, such ahs the acclaimed "Batman: Arkham Origins," will be pleased to know that a new Batman video game will be developed soon that will feature one of the franchise's equally notable characters. As such, there have already been rumors circulating around the web suggesting that Penguin might be the next villain in the upcoming installment, according to sources.

It was recently reported that WB Games Montreal will now focus its efforts in developing a new Batman video game, Kotaku reported. It was stated therein that the studio suddenly terminated its long-rumored video game "Suicide Squad" and are now looking into making a new installment to the Batman franchise that would star Damian Wayne.

The source noted that the executives at WB Games Montreal weren't impressed with the "Suicide Squad" game, which prompted them to cancel the video game all together. It was also stated that this was due to a recent turbulence in the company.

That being said, it was further mentioned that the cancellation of "Suicide Squad" in favor of a new Batman video game came after a year of hiccups for the studio. There were a lot of people who recently left the studio, such as WB Games Montreal's top bosses.

As such, rumors have also popped up regarding some other key details for the new Batman video game, which would feature Damian Wayne. It was said that Jason Schreier, a news editor from Kotaku, recently tweeted that a trailer that would feature the Penguin as the new villain was supposed to be aired during the Game Awards 2016 but ended up not being shown at all, iDigital Times noted.

With all these said, it would seem that fans will have to wait a bit more for the dust to settle clear regarding any news about a new Batman video game featuring Damian Wayne as Robin, which is being developed by WB Games Montreal.

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