'Batman: Arkham Insurgency' Update: Sequel May Not Come, Prime One Focuses On ‘Court of Owls’ Instead [VIDEO]

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"Batman: Arkham Insurgency" is receiving new updates. However, unlike the previously reported sequel, what Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment adds to the content is the "Court of Owls" features. Does it imply that the studio will not bring "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" sequel anymore?

According to Telegiz, one of "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" community Twitter handles responded to a question asked by a man regarding a video of the sequel. Gamers who follows the said account reacted with disappointment since they have already invested hope for the said sequel.

In addition, Batman Arkham Videos clarified that "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" sequel could be fake. It also mentioned that first thing Warner Bros. will before announcing a certain game is to lock domain names. Still, @ArkhamVideos quipped the tweet with: "We'll see."

This closing statement bears a subliminal message in it. Thus, a sequel to "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" may still come. And in case it actually happens there some plots gamers would love to see happening.

According to WhatCulture, a new content related to "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" will be unveiled at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 on June 14 to 16 in Los Angeles Convention Center. The reports follow the news leak that Warner Bros. Montreal is busy working about the said content.

Secondly, the next "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" is reportedly ditching Riddler's raceways which will grant gamers a payoff to track him down. Next, the studio is likely to remove the "It All Happens On One Night" setup since it has been a staple since the Arkham Asylum.

The dark setting has become boring throughout the years and many "Batman: Arkham" fans want it removed in the Insurgency sequel. However, these fans did not express their disinterest for "The Most Wanted Missions." Thus, it should remain in the next Arkham arc in case it is really happening.

Are there changes you want to keep or change in "Batman: Arkham Insurgency" sequel? Share them in the comment section below.


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