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‘Iron Fist’ Trailer: Netflix Series Criticized For Repetitive ‘Iron Man,’ ‘Batman’ Formula; Danny’s Punch Measured [VIDEO]


A new featurette for Marvel's "Iron Fist" has been released by Netflix. Though Danny Rand's (Finn Jones) adventures as one of New York's defenders are exciting, some are not too keen on the upcoming series and criticized the familiar story formulas existing in there.

Some viewers are not hesitant to point out the show's glaring repetitive formulas that Marvel and even DC have already shown in their blockbuster movies. Danny's billionaire parents have died -- or were killed -- tragically, with the surviving son rising up to exact vengeance or become the savior of the oppressed. This plot is similar to what Batman/Bruce Wayne and Iron Man/Tony Stark went through, tragedies that hugely affected these characters' personalities and perspectives.

The redundancy does not stop with the "billionaire parents killed" formula. Quartz pointed out that "Iron Fist" is also similar to Doctor Strange's origins in the sense that both figures learned ancient Eastern secrets after surviving an accident.

Like other superhero shows and movies, a villain shows up to make threats and convinces the superhero that he/she does not have what it takes to be heroic - only this kind of persuasion only manages to inspire the superhero to take more action.

On "Iron Fist," that role was filled by Wai Ching Ho's Madame Gao (first seen on "Daredevil" as Wilson Fisk's partner in illegal business transactions). There are speculations that Madame Gao is an associate of the Steel Serpent, Iron Fist's archenemy, according to WhatCulture.

The new featurette revealed that Danny's childhood friends (who are now running his father's company) are not happy to see him. The world presumed that he died alongside his parents in the accident, and his pals think that he is a madman posing as Danny.

Danny will reenter New York as a powerful vigilante like the rest of the Defenders. Fighting big baddies alongside him are Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter).

Danny can harness the force of the Iron Fist, meaning he can throw two people and other objects into the air by punching the floor as shown in the featurette. This makes viewers wonder how much energy Danny's superpowered punch has to cause that kind of destruction.

Wired estimated that Danny's punch carries 3,920 Joules enough to throw 200 kg of mass into the air (probably two meters). Danny also has healing powers; link his mind to another person; hypnosis and is an expert in the secret martial arts of K'un-Lun. "Iron Fist" airs on Netflix on March 17.

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