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'Justice League' Movie Spoilers: John Cleese's Role Revealed, Snyder Shares Wonder Woman BTS Pic [VIDEO]


2017 is expected to be a big year for DC Extended Universe as they will release two highly anticipated movies in "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League." John Cleese was recently confirmed to be a part of the big superhero movie and even tweeted clues as to what role he will play. The movie's director Zack Snyder also posted a picture on Twitter a behind-the-scenes photo of Gal Gadot doing a voiceover for the film so if you do not want "Justice League" movie spoilers then don't read further.

According to Comic Book, John Cleese posted a picture of himself putting on make-up with three comic books on a table. Judging from the looks of it, the one thing all those comics have in common is the Arkham Asylum and the perfect character for Cleese would be none other than resident shrink, Dr. Bartholomew Wolper.

According to Cinema Blend, one actress who will have a busy year in 2017 is Gal Gadot as she is scheduled to play Wonder Woman in both "Justice League" and her stand-alone movie. Snyder recently confirmed that she is still hard at work based on the picture he posted.

In related news, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman win "Justice League," will be able to redeem himself if the superhero flick makes big money after his previous movie, "Live by Night" bombed at the box office. "Live by Night" had Warner Bros. spending $65 million only to find out that it only managed to make $16.5 million worldwide. However, if "Justice League" manages to crack the $1 billion in terms of earnings then Affleck will get a ton of credit. That will certainly make Warner Bros. forget about all the money they lost in "Live by Night."

Check out this HD trailer of "Justice League," a movie that is scheduled to be shown in theaters on Nov. 18. Don't worry, it doesn't contain any "Justice League" movie spoilers:

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