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Rashmi Kalia

Mauna Loa, worls's largest volcano, shows signs of unrest

Sep 20, 2015 AM EDT The world's largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, is showing signs of unrest, displaying inflation on the monitoring system.

Infant sleep not understood by caregivers, says study

Sep 19, 2015 PM EDT A U.S study suggests that most caregivers of infants are not up to date on recommendations to prevent sleep related deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Scientists Seek Permission to Edit human DNA

Sep 18, 2015 PM EDT British scientists have applied for permission to edit the DNA in human embryos, as part of a research project

Breast Cancer in humans linked to bovine leukemia virus

Sep 18, 2015 PM EDT A new study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, has established a link between bovine leukemia virus and human breast cancer.

Diabetes drug decreases chances of heart attacks, strokes, says study

Sep 18, 2015 AM EDT A new study has shown that a new diabetes drug, Jardiance, will decrease the possibility of diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease to suffer or die of heart attack, stroke or heart failure.

Protein patch created that could heal damage by heart attacks

Sep 18, 2015 AM EDT In an experiment conducted on pig and mouse hearts, researchers from Stanford University have shown that a “protein patch” created by them can reverse damage to hearts caused by heart attacks.

Coffee may be keeping you awake

Sep 16, 2015 PM EDT A cup of coffee three hours before bedtime may keep you awake, scientists say.

Sex robots should be banned, say experts

Sep 16, 2015 PM EDT A robot ethicist has launched a campaign to ban the development of robots that can be used for sex.

Lesser Black children given opioids for appendicitis than white children

Sep 16, 2015 PM EDT A study has revealed a surprising finding that black children were less likely to receive opioids for the appendicitis related pain in the emergency room as compared to the white children.

Most restaurants use antibiotics in meat supply, says report

Sep 16, 2015 AM EDT A new report has revealed the use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry served at America's top restaurant chains.

An aspirin a day to prevent cancer

Sep 15, 2015 PM EDT In a draft report published on Monday, an expert panel, United States Preventive Services Task Force, has recommended the intake of a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks, stroke, and colorectal ...

Birds who choose their own mate have more babies, says study

Sep 15, 2015 PM EDT A new study has revealed that birds choose their own mates have more offspring than those that were paired up by researchers in conservation and captive breeding practices.

Cancers in children linked to pesticide use

Sep 15, 2015 AM EDT A new report published on Monday has revealed that cancers in children is linked to exposure to indoors pesticides,

High blood pressure no. 1 risk for early death globally

Sep 15, 2015 AM EDT A new study, which made an analysis of the 79 risks for early death in 188 countries, has revealed that high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol use are some of the leading risks associated with death ...

Homophobic people have psychological issues

Sep 14, 2015 AM EDT new research study reveals that people who display a homophobic attitude is often reflective of higher levels of psychoticism and difficulties in coping mechanisms.

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