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Rashmi Kalia

Sex dramatically increases fertility

Oct 07, 2015 AM EDT A new study shows that sexually active women have a much better chance of getting pregnant than those who remain abstinent.

One third cactus species threatened by extinction

Oct 07, 2015 AM EDT According to a study published on Tuesday, the cactus plant is the fifth most threatened species in the world.

Depression can be warded off by face-to-face interactions

Oct 06, 2015 PM EDT A new study from Oregon Health & Science University shows that face-to-face interactions are more helpful in dealing with depression in older adults than digital means of communication.

Alkermes earns FDA approval for schizophrenia drug

Oct 06, 2015 AM EDT In its press release on October 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that it has approved Aristada (aripiprazole lauroxil) extended release injection for the treatment of adults ...

Palliative care in UK the best in the World

Oct 06, 2015 AM EDT According to a study, palliative care in the UK is the best in the world, according to a study.

Cancer drug actually to treat dementia?

Oct 06, 2015 AM EDT A study has revealed that when a cancer drug, RGFP966, was administered to rats, they were more receptive to hearing and were able to retain information better.

Spark Therapeutics eye therapy provides results in study

Oct 06, 2015 AM EDT A late stage study has revealed that Spark Therapeutics Inc's experimental gene therapy has aided in improving vision in patients suffering with a type of inherited eye disorder.

Trio wins Nobel Prize for work on parasitic diseases

Oct 05, 2015 PM EDT William Campbell and a fellow scientist who helped develop the treatment to fight parasites in domestic and farm animals, Satoshi Omura of Japan, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Anti-Bullying Laws Lead to Fewer Bullied Kids

Oct 05, 2015 PM EDT A new study suggests that the implementation of anti-bullying laws by the States reduces bullying and cyberbullying among high school students.

Prehistoric beaver inherited the earth after the donosaurs

Oct 05, 2015 PM EDT In a paper published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, scientists reveal that a beaver like animal, called Kimbetopsalis simmonsae, replaced the dinosaurs and was one of the largest ...

Scientists discover megatsunami 73,000 years ago

Oct 05, 2015 AM EDT Scientists have found that 73,000 years ago, a slope from the volcanic island Fogo in the Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa fell into the ocean and caused a tsunami.

Blue whales maintain body size by a strategy

Oct 04, 2015 AM EDT In an interview with BBC, Jeremy Goldbogen, Assistant Professor of Biology, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, answered questions on the diet of the largest living mammal, the blue whale, ...

Phubbing ruins relationships, says study

Oct 03, 2015 AM EDT A new study by researchers at Baylor University in Texas says that ignoring your partner in a social setting by looking at your phone, called phone snubbing or "phubbing" leads to depression and ruins ...

5 essential things about breast cancer

Oct 02, 2015 PM EDT Dr. Laura Esserman, the UC San Francisco surgeon, will undertake a five-year study called WISDOM that will use technology to improve breast cancer screening and patient results.

Vaccines may decrease stroke risk in sick children

Oct 02, 2015 PM EDT Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have found that the small risk of stroke in children is mitigated when they are properly vaccinated.

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