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Rashmi Kalia

Premature babies have weak brain connections, study reveals

Oct 20, 2015 AM EDT A new study has revealed that premature babies have weaker brain connections, leading to cognitive problems later in life.

Alcohol an absolute no for pregnant women, latest report says

Oct 19, 2015 PM EDT A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says that pregnant women should take no alcohol during any trimester of pregnancy

Moles on your arm could indicate risk of melanoma

Oct 19, 2015 PM EDT Researchers at King's College London have devised a new method to quickly determine the number of moles on the entire body by counting the number found on a smaller body area, such as an arm

Researchers may soon develop Alzheimer's blood test

Oct 19, 2015 PM EDT Researchers at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, N.J. may soon develop a blood test for Alzheimer's disease.

Early Insulin Therapy Benefits Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Oct 19, 2015 AM EDT A research study suggests that early insulin therapy is beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D and Calcium supplements do not inhibit colon growths

Oct 18, 2015 AM EDT A new study, which was published in the New England journal of Medicine, has suggested that taking vitamin D, calcium, or a combination of the two supplements, does not prevent the recurrence of ...

Australia announces lifting of ban on medical cannabis

Oct 17, 2015 AM EDT The Australian government has given green signal to the growth of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.

Autism inhibits neurodevelopment

Oct 16, 2015 PM EDT A new imaging study shows that autism in youth leads to the social part of the brain being both underdeveloped and insufficiently networked.

Stressful jobs increase stroke risk

Oct 15, 2015 AM EDT A new analysis of past research has revealed that high stress jobs increase the risk of stroke by 22 percent among people as compared to those who are in low stress jobs.

Physical therapy not better than time for back pain treatment

Oct 15, 2015 AM EDT A recent study has found that physical therapy may only help patients who are suffering from back pain for a short period of time.

Malaria vaccine research may cure cancer

Oct 15, 2015 AM EDT Researchers have found a similarity between placentas and tumors that allowed armed malaria proteins to kill cancer cells.

Black coffee lovers likely to be psychopaths

Oct 14, 2015 PM EDT A new study suggests that people who prefer to have black coffee are likely to exhibit symptoms that are suggestive of psychopathy.

White wines almost as good as red wines

Oct 14, 2015 AM EDT Two randomized clinical trials have revealed that white wine may provide some of the health benefits that red wine does.

Health care workers' protective gear is filthy, study finds

Oct 14, 2015 AM EDT A new study shows that doctors contaminate their skin and clothing, while removing their protective gear such as their gloves and gowns.

Race impacts breast cancer, says study

Oct 13, 2015 PM EDT A new study has revealed a detailed look on the reasons why minority women fare worst with breast cancer.

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