An aspirin a day to prevent cancer

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In a draft report published on Monday, an expert panel, United States Preventive Services Task Force, has recommended the intake of a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks, stroke, and colorectal cancer, Time reports.

In the past year, doctors reversed their recommendation of taking a low-dose aspirin daily to reduce the risk of heart problems, saying that the daily dose of aspirin is not necessary and will not prevent a first heart attack. Some doctors also said that taking an aspirin daily could prove to be dangerous for health.

The Department of Health and Human Services appointed an independent group of physicians who suggested that adults between 50-69 years old who had a heightened risk for heart disease should take a low-dose aspirin daily. They recommended a lower dose of aspirin for the age bracket of 60-69 with a high risk of heart disease, as the risk for stomach bleeding and brain bleeding increases with age.

The physicians did not recommend any dosage of aspirin for those below 50 and those above 70.    

This is the first time a prominent American medical association has recommended the intake of aspirin to fight cancer.

However, the guidelines strongly advise that people should first consult with their physicians before starting the daily intake of an aspirin.

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