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Rashmi Kalia

Premature babies have better chances of survival now, says study

Sep 09, 2015 AM EDT A government-funded study has shown that the survival chances of extremely premature U.S. infants have improved, although prospects for the ones born nearly four months too soon remain poor, Yahoo ...

Weight Loss may be curbed by Vitamin D deficiency

Sep 08, 2015 AM EDT A new study has revealed that the intake of vitamin D supplements can aid in weight loss.

Unsupervised medicine consumption by children decreases

Sep 07, 2015 PM EDT A new study has revealed that the large decline in emergency room visits by children who consumed household medicine unsupervised shows that parents are more careful now in keeping medicines away from ...

Fossils found in California

Sep 07, 2015 PM EDT Scientists have discovered fossils that are 5,000 to 10 million years old at a public beach in Santa Cruz County, California.

Motion sickness can be cured by a smartphone app

Sep 07, 2015 AM EDT A new study conducted at Imperial College, London has revealed that a new mobile phone app could relieve symptoms seasickness and other forms of motion nausea.

Vitamin C gives exercise benefits

Sep 07, 2015 AM EDT A new research study conducted at the University of Colorado has claimed that the intake of vitamin C supplements daily gives similar cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise in overweight and ...

Cats don't really need you, says study

Sep 06, 2015 AM EDT A new study conducted at the University of Lincoln suggests that unlike dogs, cats show no signs of separation anxiety when their owners are away.

Aspirin boosts immunotherapy during cancer treatment

Sep 06, 2015 AM EDT A pioneering study has shown that aspirin and other drugs of the "Cox inhibitor" family boost the immunotherapy during cancer treatment by blocking the PGE2 molecules.

Autism differs between Sexes

Sep 06, 2015 AM EDT A new study by a team of researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine has revealed that girls and boys diagnosed with autism behave differently, attributed to the difference in the brains.

Ice Age Fossils found in Carlsbad

Sep 06, 2015 AM EDT Construction workers at the Quarry Creek development site in Carlsbad, California, have discovered important Ice Age Mammoth and bison fossils during the earth moving operation.

Lion population dwindling due to crowded environment, says study

Sep 05, 2015 PM EDT A new study conducted by a McGill University student has revealed that crowded settings lead to the birth of fewer offspring, explaining the reason for fewer lions.

Rare Fish Fossil Found in Arizona

Sep 05, 2015 AM EDT An amateur paleontologist named Stephanie Leco, 26, has discovered a jawbone from a long-snouted fish at Petrified Forest, known to exist more than 220 million years ago.

Diabetes Cure: More effective drugs may be in the offing

Sep 04, 2015 PM EDT A new research study at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis has suggested a new method of lowering blood sugar levels by slowing the production of glucose in the liver.

ADHD increasing steadily among kids at young age

Sep 04, 2015 AM EDT A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been increasing over the last two ...

Sierra Leone village in quarantine following Ebola death

Sep 04, 2015 AM EDT The Sierra Leone village, Kambia, has been out under quarantine by the authorities following the death of a 67-year old woman who was diagnosed for Ebola

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