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Rashmi Kalia

Cholesterol lowering drug approved by FDA

Aug 29, 2015 AM EDT The U.S Food and Drug Administration has granted approval to Repatha, (evolocumab), the second drug in a potent class, PCSK9 inhibitors, approved to treat high cholesterol.

Neurotic people are more creative, says study

Aug 28, 2015 PM EDT A study suggests that people who score high on neuroticism also score higher in creativity.

Breast Cancer Relapse to be Predicted by Blood tests

Aug 28, 2015 AM EDT A new study claims that scientists have developed a blood test that can detect the relapse of early stage breast cancer that has been treated, thus helping to save lives.

House dust reveals gender, location and presence of pets

Aug 27, 2015 PM EDT A recent study by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and North Carolina State University has suggested that the dust microbes in the house predict the geographical location of the ...

Firstborn Women likely to be Overweight

Aug 27, 2015 AM EDT In a study, researchers from New Zealand have suggested that birth order may have an impact on the weight of a woman, with the firstborn women being slightly more overweight or obese as adults.

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Palace

Aug 27, 2015 AM EDT The culture ministry of Greece has announced that the Greek archaeologists have unearthed the ruins of an ancient palace in Greece at Aghios Vassiolios hill.

Omega-3 has no effect on cognitive decline, says study

Aug 26, 2015 AM EDT A large clinical study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health has found that omega-3 supplements do not slow down the cognitive decline, a belief long upheld by the medical community.

Healthy Pre-Pregnancy Diet Cuts Heart Defects in Newborns

Aug 25, 2015 PM EDT A new study undertaken by researchers from University of Utah suggests that women who eat healthy diet before pregnancy may cut down the risk of certain congenital heart abnormalities in their babies.

Cancer Cells Can Turn Back Into Healthy Tissue, Claim Scientists

Aug 25, 2015 PM EDT Researchers at Mayo Clinic believe they may have found a mechanism by which they can turn cancerous cells back into healthy tissue.

Autism Linked to More Creativity

Aug 25, 2015 AM EDT A British study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders has revealed that people with autism spectrum disorder may actually have certain advantages in the creative and problem ...

Dementia Epidemic; 47 Million People Worldwide have Dementia

Aug 25, 2015 AM EDT Health researchers from Alzheimer's Disease International said there are now nearly 47 million people living with dementia around the world, up from 35 million in 2009.

2 More West Nile Virus Cases in Mississippi

Aug 24, 2015 PM EDT Two new cases of West Nile virus have been reported from Mississippi.

Flu Vaccine for Lifelong Protection May Soon be a Reality

Aug 24, 2015 PM EDT Researchers say they are now on the verge of developing a flu vaccine that will provide life-long protection against any type of flu.

Sex Best Between Couples Who Share Child Care

Aug 24, 2015 AM EDT A new study reveals that Couples who share childcare duties are more satisfied with their sex lives and their relationship.

NASA Wants to Turn Human Waste into Food

Aug 24, 2015 AM EDT NASA has awarded a grant of $200,000 to researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina to find out ways of recycling human waste into synthetic food that could be consumed by astronauts during ...

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