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Rashmi Kalia

Vitamin D deficiency linked to aggressive prostrate cancer

Mar 02, 2016 AM EST A new study has linked low levels of vitamin D with the development of aggressive prostate cancers.

Tarantula venom may yield a powerful painkiller

Mar 01, 2016 PM EST A team of scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia has discovered that the venom of tarantulas is capable of restraining the pain receptor in the brain.

Shortage of sugeries in poor countries, study says

Mar 01, 2016 PM EST A new study reveals that while the number of surgeries worldwide has increased over the last decade, only about one-third are performed in poor countries.

Zika virus may cause Guillain-Barre syndrome

Mar 01, 2016 AM EST A new study reveals that scientists may have the first evidence that Zika can cause temporary paralysis.

Sleep deprivation may lead to eating more food

Mar 01, 2016 AM EST A new study reveals that sleep deprivation can trigger powerful changes in how you eat, similar to the 'hedonistic eating' triggered by smoking pot.

Transgender kids skip anxiety with family support

Feb 29, 2016 PM EST A new study reports that young children who live openly as transgender and are supported by their families seem no more anxious or depressed than other children.

Butt implants gain in popularity in the U.S

Feb 29, 2016 AM EST The recent findings released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that buttock implants have become more popular than before among the U.S. public.

Zika virus linked to stillbirth, loss of brain tissue

Feb 27, 2016 AM EST Researchers say that the Zika virus might be capable of doing more damage to fetal tissue than previously thought.

Mental activity doesn't stave off Alzheimer's

Feb 27, 2016 AM EST A new study by researchers from the Mayo Clinic suggests that keeping mentally active can protect against the symptoms of Alzheimer's, it doesn't stave off Alzheimer's disease.

Obese adults have poor memory than their thin peers

Feb 26, 2016 AM EST A new research study from Cambridge University suggests that young adults who are overweight may have poorer memory as compared to their peers, who are not overweight.

Decline of pollinating species is a threat to global food supply, report warns

Feb 26, 2016 AM EST A new report says that without international effort, a number of pollinating species, such as butterflies, moths, wasps, beetles and bats, that promote the growth of hundreds of billions of dollars' ...

Viability of a fertilized egg can be predicted by its 'squishiness'

Feb 25, 2016 PM EST A new study suggests that the viability or squishiness of a fertilized egg is an indicator of whether the IVF will be successful or not.

Half of gay black men in U.S. will have HIV

Feb 25, 2016 PM EST According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all gay black men and a quarter of gay Latino men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with HIV.

Ebola survivors have lasting neurological symptoms

Feb 25, 2016 AM EST A new study finds that a number of survivors of Ebola have brain symptoms that last long after other signs of Ebola have cleared away.

Researchers develop technique to use skin cells to kill cancer

Feb 25, 2016 AM EST Researchers at the University of North Carolina have found a way to turn skin cells into cancer-hunting stem cells that can find and kill remnant brain tumor cells.

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