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‘Dragon Quest Heroes II’: Coming To Steam And PC; Early Adopters Get Tons Of Freebies [Video]

Feb 26, 2017 PM EST Square Enix confirmed that “Dragon Quest Heroes II” would be released concurrently on Steam for PC and for the PS4 on April 25.

‘For Honor’: 400 Game Cheaters Got Banned By Game’s EasyAntiCheat System, And Counting!

Feb 25, 2017 PM EST Released last February 14, “For Honor” seems to have players who lack honor and were caught by the game’s EasyAntiCheat system.

‘Nioh’: Surpasses 1 Million Sales, Sends Thanks To Fans With Free ‘Golden Nioh Armor’ via DLC

Feb 25, 2017 PM EST Launched worldwide earlier this month in 15 languages, “Nioh” achieved its one million physical and digital sales in just two weeks after its official release.

Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’ Operates On Tokyo Streets; Nintendo Says, Hell No! [Video]

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST Nintendo is suing an enterprising Go-Kart company operating on the streets of Tokyo for intellectual property infringement, and it is easy to see why.

‘Spider-Man’ Is Coming To PS4 In 2017; So Far It Is Awesome Running On a Non-Neo PS4 [Video]

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST At last year’s E3 2016, audiences were treated to the acrobatic, web-slinging, and more that “Spider-Man” is known for, and he is coming to the PS4 this year.

Xbox One Scorpio Feature That Will Outpower PS4 Pro

Feb 25, 2017 AM EST Since its announcement, Microsoft has already been touting that Xbox One Scorpio to be the most powerful console ever created. Aside from this, it seems the company has another ace up its sleeves. A ...

First Mixed Reality Hands-On Footage Of 'Ark Park' Revealed

Feb 24, 2017 PM EST Snail Games recently posted the first gameplay video of “Ark Park,” shot in mixed reality, and the game shows a lot of promise.

‘Eve Online’ Ask Gamers For Help To Search For Exoplanets [Video]

Feb 24, 2017 AM EST There still a ton of planets out there in the known universe and NASA recently uncovered seven exoplanets beyond our solar system. In a bid to look for more, ‘Eve Online’ is calling for players to ...

5 Reasons Not To Buy The Nintendo Switch - For Now!

Feb 24, 2017 AM EST The Nintendo Switch is an innovative hybrid console, whose selling point is that it can be taken off its dock and be played anywhere. It got so many people hyped during its video introduction that ...

Twitch Streamer Dies Due To Sleep Deprivation During 24-Hour Live-Stream Gaming Of 'World Of Tanks'

Feb 24, 2017 AM EST During a 24-hour charity stream event, “World of Tanks” streamer Brian “PoShYbRiD” Vigneault, 35 and a father of three, died while on a marathon stream charity event.

‘Overwatch’: Efi Oladele Is Not The Next ‘Overwatch’ Hero, It Will Be A Robotic Arachnid

Feb 23, 2017 PM EST Blizzard Entertainment seems to be on the path to reveal a new hero for “Overwatch” by posting a supposed interview with an 11-year old native of Numbani, and artificial intelligence and robotics ...

Google Research In Collaboration With Daydream, Wants Your Head In Mixed Reality [Video]

Feb 23, 2017 PM EST Nearly a year in since it was released commercially, consumer VR still has a lot of kinks it needs to work out, one of which is how to show would be consumers what VR is like, without actually having ...

‘Mass Effect’ Themed Expansion Pack Released For 'Cards Against Humanity' For $1

Feb 23, 2017 AM EST In a most peculiar crossover, “Cards against Humanity” collaborated with “Mass Effect” developer BioWare to create “Mass Effect” themed expansion pack for the popular but highly offensive ...

NES Classic Edition Back In Limited Stock; Modders Convert It Into All Purpose Gaming Machines Adding Hundreds Of Games [Video]

Feb 23, 2017 AM EST For those not lucky enough to snag their own NES Classic Edition last holiday season, news has it that Amazon has them in stock.

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