Google Tilt Brush Splashes Virtual Paint On Oculus Rift [Video]


Google Tilt Brush, the former HTC Vive exclusive, virtual reality painting app is now available for the Oculus Rift. The app lets anyone paint and create works of art in a virtual 3D space.

The Tilt Brush has now arrived for the Oculus Rift just recently. It was formerly impractical for Google to release it to the "other" VR platform because it was not ready with controllers that are needed to run the app. Now that the company got around shipping its Touch controllers, Google released Tilt Brush in the Oculus Store for $29.99, The Verge reported.

Google Tilt Brush app was released in April last year, which promises to enable artists to paint in 3D virtual reality. The beauty of the app is that the concept of it is not limited to just painters. Google Tilt Brush, owing to its ability to "paint" in a virtual 3D space, allows the artist to work not only in two dimensions, but work around their art as if doing it in the real world.

2D artists get new depth and an additional layer of perspective in their art, for they can now immerse themselves, virtually, in their work and not be limited to the confines of paper, canvas or medium. Sculptors, concept designers, installation artists and fashion artists get to create their work and see it developed right before their eyes using Google Tilt Brush. See some of their work here in Virtual Art Sessions.

Interestingly, Google gave the Oculus Rift priority over its own Daydream VR to release Google Tilt Brush. Reason being, according to Tom's Hardware, is because of the Touch motion controllers. Citing that Google Tilt Brush is all about free expression, various lighting effects, dynamic brushes, and other features are in its arsenal that would not have been possible without VR.

Google Tilt Brush difference in Oculus Rift

Using Google Tilt Brush on the Oculus Rift is said to be a more mature version of the original interface for the HTC Vive. Oculus Rift reportedly has its own creative sketching and sculpting applications. Additionally, the interactions are redesigned for the Rift to take advantage of its Touch controllers.

Further, with the Oculus Rift's headphones, painting with Google Tilt Brush now has its own sound effects. Sonds vary depending on what brushes are used. Another feature is that its ability to save the color palette used per project. The feature will soon be available to the Vive.

Google announced back in September that Google Tilt Brush would have a multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the Oculus Rift version does not have it as of the moment. Watch the video below to see what artists have to say about Google Tilt Brush.

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