First Mixed Reality Hands-On Footage Of 'Ark Park' Revealed

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Snail Games recently posted the first gameplay video of "Ark Park," shot in mixed reality, and the game shows a lot of promise.

"Ark Park" is a spinoff of Studio Wildcard's "ARK: Survival Evolved." The spinoff takes away the danger and survival factors making "Ark Park" more of an education of sorts about dinosaurs. Interact with different dinosaurs in a variety of Jurassic period climates all in the comfort of VR glasses.

Lacking the ever present danger of "ARK: Survival Evolved," "Ark Park" is not entirely passive. Core gamers will still have the option of going hunting and look for hidden elements. "Ark Park" is in the category of casual gaming with some hardcore elements, according to PC Gamer.

"Ark Park's" released video shows that the game has a lot more to offer than just giant lizards from long lost era. The beauty is the player need not do it alone. "Ark Park" features single and multiplayer modes. Another element to the game includes collecting gene cubes, having them meant players get to develop their very own petting zoos.

One interesting aspect of "Ark Park" is that players get to learn about dinosaurs. There is a portion of the game where one can access holograms from a central hub, Upload reported. However, players can also go and capture dinosaurs using items and weapons, or craft survival equipment.

It is not clear just how much content is in "Ark Park, but there is a wide range of dinosaurs and puzzle solving too. Accordingly, "Ark Park" is all about highly immersive education. Coming from the visitor center, the player can then depart using vehicles, on foot, and even on Dino-back.

Once out, Players can see the richness of the environment. Not only can players interact with the animals, they can also brush aside plants and foliage.

Ark Park is scheduled for release within the year. It will be available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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