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‘Spider-Man’ Is Coming To PS4 In 2017; So Far It Is Awesome Running On a Non-Neo PS4 [Video]


At last year's E3 2016, audiences were treated to the acrobatic, web-slinging, and more that "Spider-Man" is known for, and he is coming to the PS4 this year.

According to Insomniac, its team up with Marvel aims to create a brand-new and authentic "Spider-Man" story. Accordingly, this iteration of Spider-Man is not one we have seen before, not in games or in movies. A more experienced Peter Parker is presented who is more masterful in fighting crime.

Based on the trailer shown during E3 2016, it is breathtaking, "Spider-Man's" suit is amazingly detailed and so are the backgrounds. His parkour-like movements are on point and seemingly have full use of the entire environment.

Having a brand new narrative for Insomniac's iteration of "Spider-Man" should come as no surprise. Though details are sparse and which characters will appear in the game, its original storyline gets the nod of Marvel. According to Marvel Games Director Bill Rosemann, developers are given the freedom to create original stories of beloved Marvel characters. In this instance, Insomniac's white spider emblem in Spidey's costume, IGN reported.

In a sit-down interview with SectionPlays, Rosemann said "Spider-Man" is the most ambitious game that they have done, and they had to wait for the perfect partnership to happen with Sony and Insomniac. Worth mentioning is that the people behind the development of "Spider-Man" are all lifelong fans of the character, having pent-up ideas of how they envision Spider-Man to be, which they all pour in the game.

According to Insomniac Games Bryan Intihar, as relayed to him by Rosemann, the best story they have taken throughout "Spider-Man's" game development is having Peter's world and "Spider-Man's" world collide. Additionally, he said that they wanted everything to be a cohesive package.

Furthermore, people who see video game clips like these always say the cinematics look good; however, they always do not translate as well during actual gameplay. With Insomniac's iteration of "Spider-Man," it was drool worthy to note that what you see in the trailer is actual gameplay. In-game and in real-time, not cinematics, and running from a non-Neo PS4.

"Spider-Man" is scheduled for release some time in 2017 to the PlayStation 4.

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