‘For Honor’: 400 Game Cheaters Got Banned By Game’s EasyAntiCheat System, And Counting!


Released last February 14, "For Honor" seems to have players who lack honor and were caught by the game's EasyAntiCheat system.

"For Honor" carries with it a warning to players who might want to cheat in the game, so far 400 "For Honor" players were found to have cheated and were caught by the game's EasyAntiCheat. Those caught were said to have used cheat codes or custom-made programs.

The ban imposed by Ubisoft does not just cover game cheaters, but will also include those who employ offensive emblems, harassment, and other misconducts. As of latest report, 70 "For Honor" players were taken down after being reported by other players, according to Ubisoft, players are encouraged to get in touch with Customer Support if they encounter anything offensive in the game.

Ubisoft also made it clear that bans will be enforced on "For Honor" players account and not the console they are using. Additionally, bans can also be imposed on first-time offenders, as they are trying to make the game enjoyable and fair for everyone.

Accordingly, if a "For Honor" player gets caught cheating, Ubisoft will inform the erring player complete with details about their violation, and for how long the ban stays. It is therefore advised for players to check the game's Code of Conduct to avoid incurring any violation that may have the player's account banned.

However, according to GameRant, the company's EasyAntiCheat presents some side effects. Some players are claiming that they were banned incorrectly. Accordingly, many "For Honor" players are speaking up against the game's hyper-reactive EasyAntiCheat program. Additionally, claims allege that the system has been banning innocent "For Honor" players and promptly being booted from matches.

Kotaku reported that "For Honor" players are kicked out of matches after receiving an error code 0006000043, which indicates the EasyAntiCheat program detected an unauthorized hacking program. Accordingly, players have noted that the problem already existed even during the game's beta.

Following the complaints of wrongly accused players, Ubisoft announced a "hotfix." Despite this, however, players are still being kicked off for reasons that exceed comprehension. Players who believe they are wrongfully penalized can appeal the ban.

An apt warning to would-be cheaters is, do not do it. "For Honor" is available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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